K9 is inconsistent

I try to counter things like flamers with K9 thinking it will leap and in just strolls right through the flames and dies. Kind of disappointing for a legendary.

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Units with Leap attacks (Shadowblade and K9) only jump to their target if it is a medium or longer ranged unit. Pyro is actually considered a short range unit with an attack that does area damage, so I can see where this is confusing.

Those leap unit’s don’t do too well against rogue decks because they walk up to nearly all ground units besides the ?? 3 ranged ones.
However against ascension or legion ground units they perform great.

@S7NotABot Can you make it leap at short range but have it prioritize longer ranges.

Or maybe the problem is that pyro is actualy medium range.

I can’t personally, but it does technically do that right now. Basically, Leap logic is:
find the closest target with at least “Medium” range and Leap-attack it. I think what you’re suggesting is that when you drop it in the middle of a cluster of units, it would prefer to Leap the “Long” range unit over the “Medium” rang unit even if it’s closer to where you dropped it. I can suggest this to our designers to see if it’s a behavior they want.

@S7NotABot What is weird is the other splash units are at medium range, but the flamer is a short range unit even though it’s flames can reach further than a brute or alchemist can. Nash is weak to splash damage, I use K9 to counter splash damage a lot, but the classification of a flamer as a short range unit has made this “legendary” unit weak against all rogue decks that use flamers. Your design team really needs to consider if the flamer is actually a short range unit.

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