K9 gamebreaking leap bug

First of all, this recently only happened to me once. But please note how a K9 somehow teleports (no ‘Warp’ or such) to my base with shields on during the current event, “Boom”.





I had to deploy a ‘Deadeye’ to counter that cheeky K9 at the back of the base. Also, the K9 just walks past or into Kuro’s decoy and teleported to that spot. Plus, I thought Shadowblade’s leap was the only problem, but it seems all units that have a leap mechanic involved has this sort of problem. So, please fix this bug.

Are you sure it’s a bug? It happens to players that deploy ranged units far back of base, after k9 destroys unit, it then goes for the base.
It’s one of the reasons I love using K9 and getting players that deploy in back of base.

Where did it teleport from?

It’s not a bug, it’s literally what it’s supposed to do lol

Here’s a clip of the incident:

Lmao it does that because it registered his commander as a target and leaped and it wasn’t there because it took longer after the push back, are you a bit slow?

Are you trolling or hallucinating? That K9 teleported without damaging any of my ranged units nor Kuro.

So, please elaborate why that K9 ignored Kuro and teleported right at the far end of my base where there’s no ranged units in the far back, since you stated that K9 “registered his commander as a target and leaped”. Plus, that K9 did not perform any leap animation and simply appear out of the blue.

That is clearly a glitch/bug. The animation is wrong, the target is wrong, the location is wrong. For it to function as normal, k9 never goes for building before killing the ranged unit. (Plasma canon exception since it’s a building, but also a ranged ‘unit’).

It’s a glitch but it’s an explainable glitch lol you’re acting like you can’t figure out why it happened but just because it didn’t do what was expected, are you really not able to mentally work out how that happened?

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