Just went through my replay history

So, out of the 20 battles I played, I won 8.

Do the math; not even close to your 60% chance of winning or whatever BS you’re feeding us. :rage:

Nah, out of my last 3 battles, my winrate is 100%. That’s way higher than 60%. Maybe I think the devs hacked it to make it easier for me to climb :hugs:

That is a 40% win rate, which isn’t too abnormal and pretty expected for a large portion of players. We consider this a healthy winrate.

I’m not sure where you heard this “60%” thing. Our system definitely doesn’t do that.

Our system attempts to give you fights where both players have a chance of winning (both players have a chance of winning within 40-60%.)

Thanks for the explanation. It’s just making it less and less desirable to play. :roll_eyes:

40% is not a healthy win rate. If you battle against people around your rank, and every loss takes as much from your rank as a win would boost it, then a player with a 40% win rate would slowly drop in rank.

The solution that the system finds adequate, which is to give a struggling player a surprisingly easy opponent, or to give a good player an extremely strong opponent makes the game painful to play, and also doesn’t work as intended half the time (i.e. a struggling gold goes up against a diamond).

Winrate does not have a direct connection to gaining or losing rank in the way you’re describing.

In other words, 40% win rate doesn’t necessary means you’re losing rank and 60% winrate doesn’t mean you’re necessarily gaining rank.

If you happened to get pitted against many opponents ranked much harder than you, when the were to lose to them you will lose very few medals. And vice versa.

Imagine the very top player in the game — almost every battle they play, ELO already expects them to win. There’s a handful of players who are challenging to them, but not many. Just because they have a 95% winrate doesn’t mean their rank just keeps going up forever uncapped — because most of the people they’re beating are much lower ELO than themselves.

In other words, imagine Kasparov playing chess —- if he goes out and does 1000 games with people, even if he wins all of them it won’t matter to his ELO unless those people also were highly ranked as well. Going to the local high school chess team and beating them all doesn’t add anything to their rank. Conversely, the high school kids don’t lose much rank for losing to Kasparov 1000 times, because that’s what the ELO system expected to happen.

My issue is when I’m paired with someone lower in rank, but have much higher level cards. Guessing from the amount I dropped after losing these matches , It was supposed to be an easy match for me…

Four games played. One won.

Why do I wanna try more?

Oh hey, today I have played nine ranked battles and won three.

You do the math.


Boy, you must want people to quit

This thread was closed b/c I guess you feel it’s over. So can you tell me what’s going on what my odds right now?


Win rate today:


Three wins

Eleven loses


Twelve losses

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