Just making sure I’m right

There hasn’t been any improvements implemented yet in match making yet and it was just an update recently to the event pool structure right? I’m just making sure because if that’s the case then I’m not going to make too big of a point about this but if one of the admins look into my event battle history, these match ups are insane.

Here’s an example, I was in first but now every ticket I use is wasted on thisimage

Hey Trey,

Had a look at your match history, and it looks like you’ve won 27 out of your last 48 event battles, including 6 of your last 10 games (as of when I checked this afternoon). Since our matchmaker aims to create games where both players have a 50% chance of winning, this suggests you are actually winning slightly more than the expected number of matches.

Our game has a very high skill cap, where you can overcome a player that is a few levels higher than you if you are a very skilled player. Since you are matching against higher level units and winning more than half your games, this suggests you have above average skill. It would not be fair to match you with equal level but lower skill players, as you might win 80 or 90% of those games. Compare for example to chess, where to make an equal game with a master vs. a casual player, you would probably need to handicap the master by giving the casual player an extra piece. In an ideal world we would match you with an equal skill/equal level player, but that would make it take a really long time to find a match.

Please note that you are actually being rewarded for having a higher event elo, as you will earn more event medals the higher your event elo is relative to your event medals. So you will earn a higher total medal count for the same number of wins compared to a player with a lower event elo (e.g., a player who is 27-21 in the event will have more medals than a player who is 27-40).


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Oh so I should definitely be matched with level 16 commanders, that’s obviously how fair comp works, my mistake lmao

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Here’s another one, glad there are clear mechanics in place to snub out skill and force more purchases image

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