Just had a Dreadnaught glitch (perma charged)

I played an event game vs Drewzilla replay at 2019-07-27 20:39:51
If you look I cloned a charged dreadnaught and the cloned dreadnaught stayed charged every attack. Though I should let you guys know.

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I experience this as well. Someone new of this glitch and took advantage of it. Spammed all 3 of there mimics and I couldn’t do anything cause everything I played was one shotted

This also works with cloning a dead eye with his first shot still. If you clone a dead eye with first shot every shot of the cloned dead eye does 2.5 dmg

Ditto on the dreadnaughts, here, and it sucked so bad!

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve pointed this thread out to the people who are in charge of battle. (ref 60575)

Meta-question, for fun/curiosity only: I do this too in my own work, but I’m curious if it’s the same… several times y’all reference being a small team, but so far to my recollection, there are β€œpeople in charge of” battle, economy, balancing, etc. Is that just a mechanism for managing responsibility anonymity, or are there really multiple staff in charge of all these different, granular aspects of the game? :sweat_smile:

@Holeesmokes even on a team of 5 people, you could imagine different people being in charge of things. e.g., a server engineer, an artist, a battle balancing game designer, a person in charge of event rewards, a client engineer, etc.

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Oh, definitely. On one legacy product for which I provide the support and QA, we are at most a 3-person team. Yet in my support responses, you’d probably count at least a dozen β€œteam responsible for”’s :joy: It’s just that most of them are euphemisms for me, or for the engineer tasked 10%-time to the product lol

I was just curious if that happens other places, too. It seems it does!

Hi @Holeesmokes @𝕂𝕖𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕣 @Chaos11. We tried watching the replay in question and we didn’t see the problem. We also spent a night trying to reproduce the problem and could not. If you have any more information on how to reproduce this, it would help us get this fixed more quickly. As of right now, it’s pretty hard to fix a bug we can’t reproduce…

I’ll keep my eyes peeled! Freelancer and I may try to repro it in a challenge this evening and if so, I’ll post it.

Update: We managed to reproduce it this morning! Thanks everyone

Glad you guys got it to work. Mimic has 3 bug (including dreadnaught one)
1st: perma madness - madness a mimic and when it clones the unit it made a clone of is perma madnessed
2nd: cloning a deadeye with its first shot still - this reproduces a clone that doesn 2.5x dmg every shot
3rd: the charged dreadnaught clone

Hope you guys can fix them all at once somehow. Happy that you guys where able to reproduce it though

I suspect those are all kind of the same bug; it’s inheriting the buff/debuff but not the timer.


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