Just curious, what are Strange Sevens business hours?

So like hours , what days do they work, do they get weekends off? Tbh I’m curious

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We work relatively normal weekday office hours. Some of us work much more than that, but it’s not expected or required.

There is no one officially staffed to respond to this forum. When you see us responding on this forum, we’re the same developers who could be using that same time working on the game — it’s a trade off. I’ve actually had some of my colleagues ask me to spend less time responding to this forum and more time fixing bugs :sweat_smile:

While some developers such as myself will respond to posts on here when we have time, please don’t take it to mean that you can consistently expect responses here — this forum is not a formal support channel. If you require a response, please file a customer support ticket using the “contact us.” These support tickets are processed every day, Monday through Friday.


Um you developers need to talk to your official support channel staff because I provided feedback there and they said I could get a FASTER RESPONSE here on the forums. WOW SMH

Hi @HeavensBlade. Our customer support recently sent you a message which said had a bunch of text and then said, “For more details on this topic, please check out this forum post: Missing Card Bugs - working on fixes” I don’t believe they sent anything saying the forum would give faster responses. If you have such a message, please highlight it for us and we’ll talk to the support person in question.

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