Just battled someone who had 5 pyros in deck?

In a regular 1v1 challenge, I was playing as legion, the other person as rogue, and they were able to send out five pyros. I have rewatched the battle now 4 times and counted there were clearly 5 pyros used by the other side. Is this a bug, I thought there were a max of three of each unit allowed?

Oh man thanks for reporting this. It’s the first we’ve heard of a bug like this. We need more info to get to the bottom of it. Can you please point us at a replay (opponent name and time) so we can look over the replay ?

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Maybe he used mimics?

Different factions

No they were playing rogue, they didn’t have any mimics available

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Here’s a screenshot, it’s the very top battle. https://imgur.com/a/05LTBKP
Username was awesomedudelp playing as roxie
Time stamp was 2019-10-11 19:31:16

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I just rewatched again and this person also uses four dead eyes during this battle. Is it possible they’re cheating somehow?

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Software security is unfortunately an endless war of attrition. It is certainly possible someone has found a new exploit which we’ll need to patch. We’ll look into it.

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Ok well you guys see obviously way more knowledgeable about it than I am, I am by no means a software expert, just wondered if it was a possibility that rather than it being a bug, it could be a cheater. Thanks a lot for looking into it though, it was certainly a strange experience!

Hi @SirCrow. We looked into this. Here’s what happened: I bet you don’t remember this, but early in the game you actually don’t have a “20 slot deck” – you start with a much smaller deck and it grows as you level up and get cards for that faction. Before your deck grows to size 20, your deck actually fills the other slots with extra cards from the ones you own. With the new Multiplayer arena system, some players in this system are taking their smaller decks and playing it in higher arenas.

That seems like it would be unbalanced, especially if the player gets boosted under your system…

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Yes. We’ll see what we can do to fix it.

fwiw, this was always possible. We’ve actually made it less likely to happen. Until recently, Roxie did not have a 20 card deck until the player reaches level 15. In the last week lowered this to level 9 for all commanders.

Ok that makes sense, and no I didn’t remember that! I had no idea that was a possibility

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