Just a Few Comments

Hey, I just have a few comments for the devs. I recently got elite status for three days. Is there a reason why? Well, whatever the reason, it really helped. It gets kind of annoying having to wait so long for each upgrade and I feel as if that system is not working. Also I just wanted to say the the grunt needs a serious increase in dmg. A good comparison I think would be Clash Royale’s (don’t worry, you’re a cut above in most things) skeletons— very weak but high in overall dmg. Ever since I started playing I have been shocked at the puny amount of dmg swarms of grunts do. Please give them a buff. Thanks. On a side note, what ever happened to those legion jeeps that drop out troops when destroyed? Do you have events to unlock them? Thanks!

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We monitor the win rates and utilization of each unit, so if Grunts are losing too much (or underutilized) then the team that monitors unit balance will take a pass at them.

The old Legion jeep unit was removed before launch because we felt it wasn’t a particularly compelling unit. If we come up with a way to modify it to make it more interesting to play, then we might bring it back but for now it’s not in the game.

You can try to combine the grunts with Rally Point, or put them near Nash to really boost their damage output. They are also pretty useful to ‘Split’ by putting them in the middle, so they can try to claim the center objective on both the top and bottom. Because they are so cheap to play, it can be hard for your opponent to counter both lanes efficiently and you can end up with an advantage in power.

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