It’s time for you to stop letting 2v2 fight the same group again and again

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I spent hours bringing my medals up in 2v2 this morning getting a few medals at a time and the whole morning was wiped out completely because your stupid ridiculous system that I won’t insert 20 or 30 curse words here so as not to violate rules had me play 5 of 7 against the same overpowered group losing 20+ medals per time. I and others have begged you to put in a few simple lines of code to disallow that and don’t try to tell me it will increase wait times I would prefer that. But no you waste your time destroying your game.


Then I left game for an hour or more and came back to try again and the next fight was the same group. When I throw my iPad across the room because of this bs I’m sending you guys the bill.


It also seems to be specific to me to an extent. My partner kept playing with others and got completely different groups. So clearly something in your matchmaking is picking specific groups to fight me not just a group in the right range. That makes it even more offensive, frustrating, and bad coding.


We are working on a complete revamp of the ranked matchmaking system. When we’re done, the hope is this sort of thing won’t happen anymore.

In an ideal world, we would also patch the problems with the live system as well as working on the long term solution. Unfortunately we need to operate in reality: We’re a small development team and we can’t do both. We need to focus our development resources on building the long term solution to replace things compressively.

@S7campusLifer what is the SPECIFIC timeline this work of revamp has? I think we are all a little sick and tired of hearing “we’re working on” xyz. I lost a majority of the event battles b/c I’m being teamed up against members with full decks of level 15; when I don’t have one flippin’ level 15 card in my deck! I barely have many over 12, for that matter!

And, in common battles 2v2; I am now losing consistently to lower levels, be it teamed up horrible unbalanced or your revamping is just crap.

There’s no rhyme or reason to anything the developers have done in the past 3 months (minimum).


The thing is we are sick and tired of the excuses. “We are a small group”. If so why did you waste time in the mines revamp. Why waste time on so many crappy things you have done? Why didn’t you work in this miracle revamp of matchmaking and rewards and economy first and foremost. Now you’ve lost a bunch of players and have half the rest pissed off as all hell.

You would have more money to work with from purchases if you hadn’t pissed everyone off to the point where most of us don’t want to spend money any more. I just got a $100 gift card for the App Store and I haven’t spent any here yet. I’ve debated it half a dozen times but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet. All because the game I love has turned to crap and I am forced to question whether I should support it.

So yes how about a ball park of when this miracle fix is going to drop. Days? Weeks? Months? I don’t want a specific date I want a relative time frame.


Yes… everything you said!!

I’ve been working overtime a lot and have a boat load of disposable income. Am I spending it here? NOPE. I’ve paid my fair share and am not satisfied with what has come of it. Until developers start working towards what PLAYERS are asking for; my wallet is closed to WB.

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So true. Yesterday, I was matched up against Fox and growth from RG for 9 times in an hour period! Just ridiculous! They are full level 17 cards while most of mine are level 14-16.

You can always do what some people have found as a solution. If you get tired of playing the same people. Join that team, problem solved :sunglasses:

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The higher you go up the ranks, the fewer players there are to match together.

The near the top need to match with someone.

If they can’t match with a member of one of the top Alliances in the game, who is level 75 and has an incredible winrate way higher than the expected range — then who should they match with?

I myself don’t have an exact date, even if I could share it. We only decided to start working on this pretty recently. When we made much smaller changes to the matchmaking system, it took us multiple months and it kept causing live fires and bugs we had to clean up.

Of course I wish I could snap my fingers and have such a change right now, but I need to operate in reality.

So what your saying is don’t hold your breath. I bought the lifetime elite today. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I will tell you this is you open season 3 without having fixed these problems you are dooming the game because undoubtedly the next set of new cards will cause more problems which will be worse because you haven’t fixed the old problems.

I made a calculated guess that I will still be playing the game in 5 months when I bought lifetime elite today, now I am even less sure it was the right thing to do.

Hi Lyth. I’m not sure why you’re acting surprised by this timeline —- I’ve been pretty consistently posting this timeline many times, including in forum threads you created and responded to. Here’s a couple of times I said it:

Again, I obviously wish I could say we could get this done faster — I certainly don’t want it to take months. I’d be lying to you if I told you a shorter estimate. We care a lot and are very motivated to work as fast as we can, but if we overly rush it then I’m certain it will come out very broken.

The game is very broken now and if you don’t think so you clearly aren’t playing it or you are just playing as a dev with whatever you want. You say to do smaller changes took months and had issues… well months more of this and I doubt you will have much of a game left. Players are leaving all the time because of the issues that you guys keep making worse. And by the way you word your responses I would guess you are dancing around 6-12 months.


The great mystery here is why they made gauntlet worse. Why they changed quests. Why they made the mines change. But don’t have an answer when the economy patch is coming. This was a terribly executed patch with even worse communication why it was done to the community. It makes no sense that they screwed up the whole economy and won’t tell us what the great idea they have is that’s coming


I’m not sure why you’re saying that I don’t have empathy for the problem: I’ve already acknowledged that the current system isn’t working and that we need to do a major revamp. It’s what I wrote above:

I also am worried that we’ll lose a lot of players in the meantime while we do it – I really do wish we could go faster. If I knew of a way to make this go faster, I would. This is what I wrote above.

I wish I could explain to you why your posts are coming across badly. I think it’s because every addition seems to make things worse for the players. The economy change, the mines, the change to value of purchased packages, etc. Each step along the way we tell you this is a problem, it’s bad for the players and for the game and essentially get ignored or told no what we are doing is better. And now you admit the whole damn thing needs a major revamping and it’s going to take months at least. But we are stuck with the cumulative problems placed into the game by you guys. We feel like we can’t get anywhere because of this. Can’t get ahead in 1v1 unless you are playing Roxie, 2v2 is messed up by double ascension and overweighting losses over wins but so what, etc etc. The reason it feel like you have no empathy is you promise a pie in the sky fix for problems we are dealing with every day non stop and we have no way to move forward.

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Also, it shouldn’t be about playing a battle who is same rank with you like a diamond level 3 with another diamond level 3. It should account for card levels. I just played a person with a full level 17 deck. All cards the person played were level 17. But the person was ranked only a diamond level 3. Same as my commander.

I lost so many medals from play unfair matches like that!

You will lose many players if matches are unfair like this.

Even if I wanted to level up my cards. Coins are so rare to earn, I couldn’t level them up. I have enough cards to level them up so many times over already.

So match ups are poor, coin system is broken to a point where it leads to not being able to upgrade and to compete on a even playing field.

Hope you guys are really looking to fix this.

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You have the deck power for each player. Why don’t you match up players against deck power instead of the bronze/silve/gold/diamond/challenger levels.

This would be a easy fix. I can’t see people with full level 17 decks having same deck power as people with anything less.

Matchmaking is actually based on neither of those; it uses an internal score that you can’t see, based on your win/loss ratio against similar opponents. Keep in mind, the same is said of your opponent, so if you find yourself matched against a hugely OP opponent, one of three things is likely happening:

  • you’ve been on a win streak recently against others who were on a win streak
  • they’ve been on a lose streak, probably against underpowered or loss-streak opponents
  • the internal scores haven’t leveled off since the monthly reset

Or a combination of these things.

That’s the theory. It’s also not working as well as intended, they’ve admitted, so the experience is deteriorating.

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