It Happens Over and Over


I’m not a fan of a game that punishes you for winning, so facing an unbeatable opponent twice in a row is infuriating. I get that you’re working on it, but I don’t recall being on the positive side of this. I’m clearly not a match for the opponent who decimated me, so why would you put me against them again?

Thanks MM. I don’t understand how any system would allow this…ever. I play other games with elo systems and this doesn’t happen.


Generally you won’t be matched with the same opponent more that twice. At very high ranks where the pool of worthy opponents is smaller, you’lI find yourself matching up against some of the same players more often, but if you really wish to avoid queueing into someone, it’s best to wait about a minute before queueing up again.


Same old response! It’s not me it’s you. And if we don’t like it “just wait”? What the… Really?

Just wait!

The Community, myself included, have spent good money to be part of this gaming experience and the fact that we haven’t deleted you yet is acknowledgement enough of our appreciation for the game and your persistence.

I do however take exception to you dismissing Krull1 as you have done me on too numerous occasions where I too have addressed this very issue along with countless others.

I sound like a broken record here: the matching system, the server connection, the faction balance, the clumsy attempts to grab our cash by jacking up unit costs and the wait times for matches are all issues. None of which are new. These problems have been part of the game for more than 2 years and despite the many updates and resets (gotta love a reset😑) YOU have either chosen or are incapable of addressing them effectively.

Whatever the reason, YOU have continued to accept money for what is clearly an unfinished or faulty product therefore YOU do not get to come down here with your “if you don’t like it…” attitude.

Just fix it, be humble and when it’s perfect then give us your BS.



Hi @GypsyKilla, I’m very sorry for the frustration that the game may have brought you. The men and women of the Wild Beyond team have worked hard for several years on crafting an experience that feels fun and competitive to play. Perfection is a lofty goal to strive for, but we won’t give up just because it’s hard. We recently posted about the upcoming matchmaking improvements here: December Matchmaking Changes Preview, and also have update v1.90 coming with it very soon. Release Notes are on the way so that you can have preview of what’s to come. Later this month, look out for more announcements for what’s on the horizon for Wild Beyond!

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