Issue with Roxie


Ok, so you know how when time runs out all the shields drop and the battle plays out, until either the base is dead or the last troop is destroyed. Well there is an issue with the Nuke truck. I was in a match against another Roxie, and they were making a push up top, well I had previously lowered there main health to less than 10 percent, and right as time ran out I dropped the nuke truck down low where there were no troops. When the nuke truck made it to there base to blow up, I lost the battle since I had no troops left. Meaning the death animation out lasts the damage. My base was still half health so I know I wasn’t killed, and I know for a fact the nuke truck does more damage than just 10 percent. You need to fix it to where the damage happens before the big animation, other wise that ruins sneaky nuke truck tactics.

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