Issue with donation and seasons

This morning there were a number of donation requests up for my guild and I was donating. I happened to have heralds in my hand that I was saving for the next upgrade ascension quest. As I was donating the screen slid because someone put something in chat and suddenly I didn’t donate to the vanguard I was trying to donate to but gave up one of my herald cards completely unintentionally. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue BUT since it’s a herald card and they only can be purchased in the exact amount needed to upgrade I am now short one card with no simple way to get it. Now I will need to ask for donations for it myself and hope someone is willing to give one up. It’s a problem directly related to the way you are distributing these cards. There needs to either be some sort of confirmation for donating them or a way to pick up extra cards outside of donations.

It’s not intended that Seasons units can be requested in the season they’re released. An upcoming update should be removing them from the donation request menu.

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So if I don’t get one donated back to me before that change I can’t finish upgrading the unit.

I feel for you. Accidentally did the same thing with a Dragonfly. Luckily someone in my alliance was good enough to fill my own request for one later

Actually my alliance is awesome and I put up the request for a herald and now I have extra. It took a few hours and until they put the change through not allowing the request for these cards I’m not buying cards until I’m ready to use them. I don’t actually think it’s a good idea to change the donation of these cards part way through the season. Change it for future seasons but not the one where some people have benefited from it.

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