Is there a way to manipulate your first hand of the game?

When using advasa it would be nice to not draw all t3 cards and no research. It would also be nice to guarantee a research in the first hand. I’ve tried different deck comps. But none seem consistent enough to rely on.

@Dig_Baddy. No. It’s random. If memory serves me, there is a slightly higher chance of getting T1 units on the draw, but there is no way to manipulate your deck.

The amount of T1 in your first draw is supposed to be related to the percent of your hand that’s T1. There’s a thread with this info from a while back when they tweaked it and it went haywire.

My avasa build has 9 t1 (12 counting labs) I’ve found this the best ratio for me since I’m likely to draw all or most t1 in the starting hand. The rest is an even split of t2 and 3. I’ve found this build to be really reliable as far as starting hands go. Deck composition is really about statistics and with half my cards being t1 there’s a good chance I’ll get a lot to work with at opening and will usually get one lab to get one of my techs for free as I rarely use both labs anyway.


Savvy is a great player so I’ll be kakashing ur deck soon savvy hahaha :joy: see you in chat buddy :nerd_face::+1:t4:

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