Is the new Madness strategy a bit too good?

A well placed madness can end the game on the spot, it is basically a freeze on steroid, because not only you block enemy unit, but also force them to fight each other. The value this stratagem provides is huge in a game like this. How is everyone feeling about the card?
By comparison the other two epic look more on the weak side. I haven’t tried the dog, but the infantry transport costs a ton of money and forces you to protect it in order to get the additional value from the other troops it deploys. Love its design though

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It is good but not that decisive. And it costs 5 compared with freeze (1) and zoom box (1). besides, ascension got the lightbrighter that is weak and expensive (6).

Other factions got typhoon and shield (1) that are pretty strong.

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Madness is unbalanced. I’m eagerly awaiting a rogue nerf to balance that card.


I see what you did there :giga_wink:

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I think madness gives way too much of an advantage, especially when playing multiplayer. Devs really need to look into the stats to balance. It should have a smaller affected radius or be limited to 2-3 units in the scope.

Thanks @Cyberj, these are good parameter tweaks that we can consider without changing the basic functionality of Madness. It’s still pretty early in the lifespan of Madness though, so we still need to look at the data behind how well it’s performing in battles in terms of win rate and usage.

Personally I don’t think it’s that op. You just need to stop dropping units so fast and expecting to snowball anymore with madness in this game. You need to just strategically use units better.

I agree with the infantry carrier. It’s weak af and costs too much for its current value. If it continuously deployed units during its lifetime then it would be good.

I think it’s fine with the exception of targeting base and generators. If we have to be patient fine, that works better anyway but if you’re on the defensive and a high leveled one is dropped near base it’s over no amount of patience or countering will help you. Especially in 2v2

Well, I usually try to avoid bunching stuff together, specially against the Ascension :wink:.
My point is that it sometimes feels very frustrating to play against it, in particular in situation where you have to drop units to answer your opponent’s moves. However I understand it is a new card, maybe I just need to get used to play against it, that’s why I’m asking for opinions on the forum.
On a side note, the new Ascension tank may need some love as well, I don’t really understand its current role in the game.
A possible solution to the carrier may be to give a chance to drop its troop on death. It could be Rng (like the chance they have to survive the explosion?) or simply have their health halved if the troop transport is killed when they are still inside.

One thing that I do not agree with however, is the fact that I cannot use freeze on my own troops while they are not in my control. I feel like you should be able to use freeze :cold_face: on your own units as long as they are under mind control.

Good point

Maybe I’m not using madness right, but I’ve upgraded it to level 11, and I’m still losing with it. It seems either there are not enough swarms to use it, or when there are, there are too many swarms that the 5 energy cost and duration doesn’t make it worth it.

That’s shortsighted . You’re suggesting that to counter madness (an asc unit) you should modify freeze (an asc unit). That’s comparable to nerfing rogue because asc warp was too broken.


Troops influenced by madness targeting their own structures, but at a bare minimum their own base is bad game design.

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