Is it true that Roxie’s Generator no longer charges allies?


It seems so to me, so I’d like to clarify.
Also Roxie’s Generators seem to charge so slowly in 2v2 games. Is that also normal?
Can we expect Roxie has become much weaker than before now?


Hi @Alphredo.

As far as I know, the following is true:

  • It was never our design intention that Roxie’s commander ability (energy production spike generator) would be 2x as powerful when used in 2v2 than in 1v1. It was something we wanted to fix as soon as we had time.
  • We changed the way Roxie’s generators work in 2v2 around a month ago. There was an initial thread announcing the change (Version 2.00 Release Notes), and then a follow-up thread (Live Update 216 ) announcing further tweaks to Roxie’s generators. It appears you responded to one of those threads 25 days ago around the time of the announcement.
  • As far as I know, we haven’t changed Roxie any further since that time around a month ago. If you feel there are new changes, please let me know.
  • We’ve monitored the data around 1v1/2v2 usage of Roxie decks – it appears healthy. She is used by a large portion of players across different leagues and has a healthy win rate. I don’t know of any reason to revert the change.

No problem, just to make sure what I should expetc from you. Just please don’t change the game too often that our hard-leveled-up units become not as useful when we have to adapt new strategies for your changes. All l’s cool.

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