Is it me or do you make Kuro, Roxie and Missile weak?

The Missiles are already weakened and serve little help now, and you are making it more difficult to be drawn? We like it for the sake of easy to use + high damage. Now who’s gonna use it?

Roxie served quite well with her blast and medium durability to help the game moving. Now it seems that she’s just gonna come out blasting then be killed. She’s probably gonna stay shorter than scouts or nuke truck.

Kuro now sounds completely useless and will live shorter than his shadow. Why are you making our lives so difficult?

@Alphredo Thanks for starting the discussion on some of the upcoming balance changes!

While the energy cost of Seeker Missiles has increased, keep in mind that overall energy generation rate has also increased proportionally. The time you’re able to draw and play a Seeker Missile in the course of a battle will be roughly the same. One of the design forces behind this change was the fact that a Seeker Missile could reliably get three times its energy cost in value because it one-shot most Tech level 3 units of equivalent level. It could instantly destroy your opponent’s pair of Power Plants in the top lane for at least double value as well. We understand that targeted removal is something that Rogue has limited options in, but the Hellion should help out in that aspect a lot as we have seen in testing.

The changes to Roxie and Kuro health comes on the wings of a significant damage boost as well. There are commanders who are better at being tanky juggernauts on the field to disrupt battle (Avasa’s Mechazor and Giga, for example), but the intended design for Roxie and Kuro is to be much more offense-based commanders with their field-clearing and pushing abilities, respectively. As such, their stats were shifted into offense rather than defense. While the reduced health probably means the commander should be played behind some tank or fodder units, their boosted damage makes them incredibly dangerous and likely to just kill threats to them outright–a commander should feel like a force to be reckoned with if not dealt with swiftly. If “offense is the best defense” does not hold true for these changes, we’ll revisit them for future balance changes.

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