Is it just me?

Every time — and I mean, EVERY time — I’m matched with someone ranked significantly higher than me, like Champion or Challenger, my deck is basically upside down. All tactics to start, no units, no generators in the top half (of my Roxie deck), miners at the bottom, commander at the bottom, and all my t3 stacked up in the first draw and top of deck. It’s absurd. When I see the match screen, whether 1v1 or 2v2, I can lay 10 to 1 odds my cards will be crap.

In fact, I could make a lot of money that way if anyone wants to wager.

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Could try changing up your deck

I’ve been getting it on my end as well. My starting card draws felt rigged 90% of the time recently. Changing your deck up won’t do much. All you have to do is hope you get the right draws.

There is very minimal to no skill involved as well, unlike S7 stating there is skill involved felt like hypocrisy to me.


We’re not doing anything to rig deck draw order like is implied here. It’s random.

Poker players often express the same sentiment :laughing:

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Yeah, changing my deck doesn’t help. Naturally I have several gambits built into my decks because you don’t know which cards you’ll get, but none of them involve teching up twice before I can play a unit (and I have 3 T3 cards in my deck, so getting 2 on the first draw shouldn’t happen as often as it does). Nor do I have a strategy involving grrillas played for 10 energy, riot cannons at the bottom of the deck, generators right before the riots, and Roxie apparently on vacation somewhere. Any one of these is workable, but when all of them happen in virtually every match against higher ranked players, one starts to think it’s more than random draw at work.

@S7campusLifer - can you share the logic behind initial draws? It’s clearly not 100% random, because you always pull at least 1 T1 card, for example. I’m sure there’s not a “if player is way outranked, draw cards in reverse order of playability” (even though it feels that way), but I am curious what the pull choices are for the first 4 cards.

I don’t actually know the specifics are for the first hand – I hadn’t joined the development team when that was built. It’s something around “make sure you don’t start with a tech-locked hand.” but that is the only “rigging” going on with the randomized card draw.

@Holeesmokes I happened to be talking to one of the developers who coded this. He said the rule is: “The percentage of your deck which is tech tier 1 and call that X. You are guaranteed that your starting hand has a minimum of X% tech tier 1 cards.” The rule isn’t simply “You must have X tech tier 1 cards in your starting hand” because that could be used to force certain card orders.

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