Is Corrosive Rain OP?



I know I sound like a complainer a lot from my previous posts, but I hate fighting against Ascension players who use corrosive rain and Rogue players who use the nuke truck, but the latter is a topic for another day.
When you’re attacking any sny, tanks rolling in, planes high above or whatever and you’re winning, it feels good! See, most of the time you’ve earned that win because you either outsrategized them, countered them, or just had more units and whatnot. However, with Ascension there’s one little tricky… trick I guess. Corrosive Rain! One or two hits from this bad boy and their entire army’s gone! Don’t be afraid if they’re breaking down your barrier with an army the size of Jupiter- you have corrosive rain. Able to practically kill every little thing in a pretty generous radius, it’s the surefire way to counter a winning and potentially better player.

Am I just overreacting or is this thing actually kind of broken? Sure, every faction has their fair share of absolutely ridiculous cards, (seraph, nuke truck, teddy, etc.) but the potential to kill an entire army by smacking a spell down a spell is kind of… stupid? Plus, you can’t even do anything about it, which makes it even worse in my humble opinion.



Not really. Ascension is more on defensive play so you need to mind their spells, especially if you’re using swarm tactics against a Kuro (corrosive rain + commander card). It’s easy to swarm if you know when to go all-in, spread it in top and bot lane so you don’t get wiped out.

Corrosive Rain is a great card considering its rarity, but definitely not OP, in my opinion.


Yeah. Just spread your units and corrosive rain will be useless