iPhone never goes out if game is active


Hello S7 team,

The game prevents the iPhone from deactivating the display and clock down the CPU (preventing power saving mode).
If you “forget” to switch off the device over the power button or dont’ press the Home button, the battery is drained in no time.
Game should use the settings for the display and power saving behavoir like all other apps (system apps) or the behaivoir should be configurable by the user in the game settings.

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum

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Hi @ZeltaZum. You’re the first person I’ve seen bring this up. Someone working at S7 might be aware, but I personally don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you please give more details so I can understand? thanks!


Hello again,

That’s what I mean :slight_smile:
Left the iPhone for half an hour on the floor with the game active. Never dimms or turns of the screen. Recorded it with another mobile.


It’s an Iphone 7 and yes, it normaly turns off the screen after 1 minute.


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