iPad multiplayer connection issue

I use an iPad Air 2 and for some reason I get a lot of connection issues when in any type of multiplayer match. This doesn’t happen when playing on my iPhone or in single player. I know it’s not my internet or WiFi, is there a fix for this?

Hi @Vandal1

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. We’re actively working to make these things better

May I ask which internet provider you use to power your wifi?

Does it happen to be an academic or corporate network?

I have fios fiber optic through Frontier. It is my home network, not a corporate or school one.

@Vandal1 thanks for the info. I’ll pass this info along to our engineer who is in charge of network connectivity.

So at this time there is no fix? This has cost me a number of matches and makes me wonder if my money is spent better elsewhere?

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