Instant disconnect and forfeit


Just lost this battle and therefore wasted an event ticket because I accidentally touched the lock button on my phone about 1 second after the screenshot. I’ve also had similar situations when someone has tried to call me.

Surely there is a way you can prevent an instant disconnect occurring every time something happens on the phone whilst playing??


Hi @Zevkmeselsi. at some point we’d like to implement the code necessary that you can jump back into a battle if you reopen the app. It’s going to take a while to develop.

Thanks for the reply and good to know its in the pipeline, although I’d hope for it to be looked at sooner rather than later as it is more of a basic functionality issue than a special feature and most other games I’ve played manage it.

Have to say though aside from this and some matchmaking issues, the game is great overall and I’m enjoying the additions and changes over the last few updates :+1:t2:

@Zevkmeselsi thanks!

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