Indecision 2v2, Gauntlet, Events

It’s been over a month since the launch of 2.5 and I’m curious as to what y’all have decided to move forward with in the things that were put on hold. The most important is 2v2 are we getting separate rankings and arenas? Just rewards? There has to be something there it was arguably the best part of this game and a big reason I’ve stuck around so long.As for gauntlet, I’m really hoping season 3 brings us some prizes there to work for. Skins, emotes, gold. It was always kind of a dead mode but I think emotes and skins as rewards would make it worth playing. Finally, events personally, I hope these stay pretty much the same but I’m sure implementing arenas for that wouldn’t be too much different from 1v1 as long as the rewards per win were progressively capped if not playing in the highest arena. I know you guys can’t give deadlines but at least an update on what is in progress would be nice.


Hey Savvy,

We are adding in 2v2 functionality in the next update! See Version 2.60 Release Notes post for details. I also snuck some gauntlet prizing into the update - its still intended to mostly be a ‘fun’ mode, but you will get 1000 gold per win and if you get to 12 wins you’ll get a random Giga Emote!

We aren’t touching events in this next update. I still believe we will eventually try to add some sort of card level control to players for events in a future update (i.e., let them choose a max card level to control the difficulty of the fights; tougher fights = more points), but it still needs some thought to make sure its fair and not confusing; for close-to-max level players it is likely the events would not change at all even if we do add some of these features.


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