Incomplete Alliance Quest Reward

Completed all levels of Alliance Quest (50/50), but was given an incomplete reward. Bug affected the entire Alliance. I think several members dropped tickets, but we haven’t heard anything.

I’ve dropped 2 tickets on this and I’ve gotten zero response. Any idea how long before I should hear anything?

@S7NotABot will be able to help fix this – can you send in a support ticket so they can credit you appropriately? We’re working on a fix for this, sorry for the hassle.

@S7Dave is there someplace besides Settings<Account<Contact Us to do this?

That’s the best way to do it – that way the support team will know which account they’re helping, etc.

@S7Dave I’ve done that twice already. Thanks for the fast follow-up though.

Thanks, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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