1. Lost active quest that was in progress.

  2. A chance for 1500 season tokens disappeared when Alliance Quest was reset.

  3. Now against a completely different opponent in the Alliance War.

  4. Cannot complete the daily alliance quest because it doesn’t exist.

Seriously, doing a massive update right in the middle of the event? Is this entire game beta?

Where is the compensation?

Hi @McLovin3.

Whenever you’re developing software there’s always a tradeoff between the values of “try to avoid any live bugs” and “move as fast as possible to develop the game.” We’re not currently in a world where we can take the stance “avoid any live bugs, even if it makes development much slower” — there’s just too much we need to do with a small team on a short time frame.

What we can definitely sign up for is fixing any bugs which go live as fast as we can. As far as I can tell, every bug you’ve listed was fixed within hours.


@S7campusLifer maybe give everyone bonus coins or tokens for the INCONVENIENCE?
Thats what every other game I ever played in my life has done, besides this one. It makes it so people can’t complain about small bugs like this because they where already compensate.


Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

I’m still waiting for my compensation after reporting a bug on July 20th that wouldn’t let me buy season units. They just fixed the bug, and I just had to buy specter at full price - back then they had 25% off and I also had elite to upgrade units quickly. Plus I’ve lost out on a month of matches I could’ve won with the units.


@Kier Please send us a message using the in-game “Contact us” button and we’ll help you out. If you’ve already made one, please bump it so we see it.

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What inconvenience did we suffer, really? It’s all fixed, no harm done.

It honestly does matter. Most games give you extra stuff just for installing their new updates even if they are flawless… It cost the devs absolutely nothing and makes the comity feel a lot better. Thats the problem… There is 0 love from the devs in this game and the devs wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for the community…


So the inconvenience isn’t the issue in a suggestion that we be compensated for the inconvenience?

This is confusing. Should they compensate us for the inconvenience, for not having offered to compensate us for the inconvenience, or for installing the update that inconvenienced us? And the inconvenience was actually just the lack of compensation for the inconvenience?


I’m the first to ask for compensation when appropriate and I did ask for the tokens we lost and got them. Here I don’t see the need for more.


Ok troll, how about compensation because some of us have paid real money to TEST a game for these devs, instead of them backend testing before implementation. You are just trying to be combative and I’m almost convinced you are one of the devs because you do this on multiple threads. Explain to me why we shouldn’t be compensated for dealing with glitches, bugs, errors that cost us in game hardships including time, effort, and coins/tokens lost. If there was no inconvenience then we wouldn’t need compensation now would we?
There is a toxic relationship between players and devs and they are doing nothing to remedy it, and they are the only ones who can do anything.

Glad you got yours most people don’t or get 1/10 of what they deserved in compensation.
Lots of people including myself don’t ask, like the +4 times I never received alliance bonus. (and I know thats 100% on me for not asking, just wanted to use it as an example)

If I hear the word compensation one more time today my heads gonna explode

Compensation :partying_face:


I’m not a dev :joy: and I don’t think I can be accused of being easy on them in these forums. And I’ve spent tons of money on this game.

If you step back for a second, I think you’ll see that you’re the one being combative. You’re just complaining vaguely and inconsolably. For my part, I’m legit trying to figure out what you’re actually asking for. As someone who has endured and reported a great number of significant bugs, maybe I want on that train too. But you still haven’t said what you’re asking for, exactly.

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Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

When investing time and $$ in a game - aka goods/services - the customer expects to be given the full amount stated to them at the time of purchase. If they don’t, they should be given compensation for what they didn’t receive, or their $$ back.

@S7campusLifer thanks for the continuous follow-up. I did contact the team via the in-game contact button. They said they will look into it, so I told them: The appropriate compensation is giving me what I would’ve have gotten if the bug hadn’t existed: 10,000 season tokens for the 25% off deal that passed (I had saved ~40,000 tokens at one point for the specter sale) + days of elite for the time I missed upgrading everything at once + coins for upgrading the specter units.

Did you buy 40k worth of spectres at full price?

I agree with the analogy, and it’s precisely the justification I used (with only partial success) when applying to Apple for refunds. I purchased in-game currency, for instance, just before the value of that currency was significantly reduced. So, I get the idea. Yours seems one step further removed from that,though, and that was what I’m trying to pin down. There seem to be some number of hypotheticals and I am curious about the process of quantifying them.

Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

I had 40,000+ season coins at the time of the specter sale and was ready to purchase them. I didn’t want to waste my summer time letting them sit since they didn’t know exactly when the bug would be fixed, if ever, so I wasted them on other lower-level season units while waiting. I’ll gladly agree for them to take back those units I don’t care about, if they could reverse it so I’m back to the 40,000.

It’s like the sports team saying “sorry, we can’t give you your baseball games you paid for, and we don’t know when they will be available again.” The summer starts to end, and the customer wants to do something for the summer since they don’t know when baseball will ever be back. Thus they use up their tickets for boring hockey games instead. Winter comes and baseball is back. The sports people say “see? We fixed it, now you can watch baseball.” Now baseball games are useless in the Winter because it’s too cold, and the customer isn’t on vacation anymore and has to work - thus costing more to the customer now (no longer 25% off).The customer wants something for missing baseball in the Summer.

They’ve just credited my account with an amount that I’m happy with! I’ll edit all my complaints with a positive update.

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