Incoming event change: Commander

Events: Commander Cards included in Event Card Set.

  • There has always been limited the set of cards allowed during an event. Starting in v2.40, they will also limit which commanders can be used during the event.
  • Calculations of collection power, ELO seeding and reward multiplier have been tweaked to take into account the level of the commanders which are included in the event.

Developer Comment The goal of our event system is to force players out of their comfort zone and engage with cards and commanders which they normally don’t use. We found that many players were always using the same commander every event. This change should result in more diversity of play during events so everyone doesn’t always veer towards the same commander every time.

There is a HUGE difference between having a low level or missing unit card and having a low level commander. The commander sets the barricade strength and determines the whole strategy for the play. Most players have several commanders that are low level compared to the ones they play regularly. I have 3 maxed out commanders and 3 low level commanders and since the coin nerf it’s very hard to upgrade commanders since you need to keep improving multiple cards for each commander level. This change seems a bit too much.

This change was prompted by the many forum threads on the topic of “Val is OP in most events, but not OP during ranked” and “almost every event is all about everyone playing with Val.”


I’m really excited about a lot of the improvements. I noticed you took my advice about adding a commander to feature in events and I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

what is the tentative drop date for this update?

This doesn’t make Val less overpowered in events it just excludes her from some. It’s not the right way to fix the problem.

@Lyth: Can’t say we can implement new ideas instantaneously, but we’re definitely open to your suggestions.

Val can overpower the battlefield in events where you don’t have a high level card to combat her drones… I.e cyclops, lightning walker, typhoon etc. making sure these are available would maybe sway some players from always using her. I actually rarely use her in events but I do play against her a lot. On a side note… hard to please all the people all the time. Ultimately I think you all are doing a great job, yes the matchmaking and events can be frustrating at times but if all you did was win, who would play? Keep it up. Looking forward to the new update coming.


I think she’s best in events with not many t1 units, as well as lots of units that are strong single target, but slow attacking, such as eternal warrior or cartillary. Even if the bots were level 1, they ALL provide a single hit that can make the difference between these hard hitting units. They provide support against raptors and reinforcements as well. Her one down side is being rushed down before her factories become a problem which events, like this one, can negate by restricting the units being played. You can play a ranger, medic drone, or shadow blade for this event, none of which can go to both sides and force a fight. Val will simply plant a factory in that lane and win. On a side note, I think typhoon doesn’t do so well against the bots. It’ll just attack 1 bot, empty all its rockets into it, then reload, opening a window to attack.

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Yeah, bots (and ant drones) are a fine counter to typhoon, sort of like sentinel against a slow hitter. (Sentinel is not, btw, a very good counter to typhoon lol)

So, to clarify: if Giga, which I don’t have, is the selected commander, do I get to play her at level 1 for the whole event?

The designed system wont force a specific commander. It will disallow using certain commanders.

The plan is a rotation like the following:

  • In other words, 4/6 commanders are allowed each event. 2/6 are disallowed.
  • Every event one of the 3 starter commanders (roxie, nash, kuro) is disallowed. One of the 3 advanced commanders (val, avasa, giga) of a different faction is also disallowed.

For instance:

  • Event1: Nash and Val are disallowed.
  • Event2: Roxie and Giga are disallowed.
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@S7campusLifer here’s a suggestion: Val’s bots don’t need to have anti-air capabilities. At least then there would be an effective counter to them besides flame troops.


Oh, ok, I misunderstood thinking you would be restricted to one commander. Thanks for explaining, this sounds way more interesting.

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This is much better than it sounded. I was thinking of suggesting that it not exclude 2 commanders of the same faction but I’m not sure it would matter too much.

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Bad idea Klokwerk. Not approved

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How is it a bad idea? Val is massively op in most tournaments. S7 has even acknowledged this and is now talking about limiting usable commanders for some tournaments, because of Val. Why anyone thinks that an unlimited troop generator, capable of attacking any threat, in a game that’s designed to have a limited number of cards is ok, is beyond me. Why not make her bots fly, too?

Don’t take my word for it. Go do a search for “Val op” and you’ll find an hour worth of reading material.

I would strip her bots of anti-air, then push them to T2, like Roxy’s factories. I would then buff Val’s sentinel and put it on tracks and let it follow her after she’s summoned instead of standing as an immobile turret where it drops.

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Nice ideas Klock

I have val lvl17 and trust me she is not op. I am struggling against quicker asc and legion deck. Or players with lvl17 cards only. Lyth can attest I don t always win against him… far from that… Your vision is certainly biased because your deck is weaker than the one of your opponent using val. Devs already reduced drastically bot dropping speed. If you were an historical player from day one, then you could claim it was op by the time. Not now anymore.

I’m not a historical player from day 1 and Val is not my go to in every event but she is the best in most. She isn’t so overwhelming that she always wins but she does have a few specific advantages in specific events. The easiest example is the event with air to air and ground to ground only, her bots can attack both.

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