Inactive player bug

I’m in charge of recruitment for my team, and i noticed that people who are actually active players show as inactive. i found out cause i kicked a lot of players who i thought were not playing or had uninstalled the game. when is this bug being fix. i want to be able to distinguish who i can delete so i can make room for new players. please fix soon.

Hi. Sorry about that. It’s a known bug and we hope to fix it in an upcoming release.

You guys seriously need to get your support staff to get on the same page with you developers. I remember when I submitted a bug which also included stating that a lot of my alliance members were listed as inactive even though I felt they were active, your support team tried to convince me that it wasn’t an issue and tried to convince me there are several factors that go into the activity rating.

I had to INSIST that they pass along my observation to you guys and I wrote that bug over a month or so ago and definitely submitted it BEFORE v2.50.

S7campusLifer, please insist that your support staff pass along all defect requests to you developers and insist if support staff is not 100% sure of a topic, that they don’t make stuff up.

I further request that all support request made should be reviewed periodically for quality control.

FEEL FREE TO START WITH ALL THE DEFECT REQUEST I HAVE MADE and reprimand or reward accordingly how each case was handled.

Thank you.

Hi @HeavensBlade.

I remember the tickets you’re talking about – at the time you were sending lots of tickets talking about activity, we haven’t yet introduced the bugs I’m referring to. It’s significantly buggier now than it used to be.

Specifically, a huge portion of a player’s Activity readout is based on “how much 2v2 and 2vE does someone engage in with their alliance” — because it used to be a good indicator of how good a teammate this person would be for helping everyone do their team-based attacks together.

With v2.50, this is a bad metric to track because 2v2 isn’t as central — so people aren’t doing much 2v2, and most people appear low-activity as a result. We could spend time “fixing this bug”, but we would rather spend that effort making 2v2 more central again and having it work as well as it used to (because people would be doing more 2v2 again.))

You are wrong, this bug has existed since activity was added to the alliance members. I have been listed as inactive since the very beginning and I’m one of the most active members.

Ugh S7campusLifer, you’re missing the point of my post.

Yes the inactive bug is an issue but the point of the post was not the bug itself but your support staff:

Your support team needs to be on the same page as you and your development team. Further when I submit an issue, unless the support rep is 100% sure of their talking points, I should not have to insist that they pass along my request to you developers for analysis. I’m fine with a support rep asking for clarification on a defect or steps to reproduce, but other than that, either they tell me a workaround to my observation or pass it along to you guys.

Thanks for the fast response. Peace.

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