In game micro transactions and more



Just a general question as to why the micro transactions are so negligible and whether they were put into the game just as a get rich quick scheme ? Lmk

-fix micro transaction pricing, and legendary units should not be worth $20!!! Maybe $10 or less
-accommodate the Free to play players
-increase the amount of epic chest (unless that already happens as my level gets higher, idk yet)
-The multiplayer losses could be reduced a bit. For example I lost a game today when I’m Silver 2 and 60 of my “medals” were deducted, maybe halfing that could be a possiblity.
-Take consideration on improving “Fight it out”

Thank you in advance if Devs look into any of this.

P.S. It’s not that deep so take everything I’ve said with a grain of salt haha


I second the motion into this


Yes the cash system here is quite horrible and I’ve made a separate post about it as well.