In-App Purchase Scale

TLDR: I think the purchase option should be cheaper on average, with more <$5 options and daily deals. The $10 and $20 stuff is too high and there are so many of them…

I first want to say I love this game and sincerely hope it thrives and grows. It blew my mind when I found out Clash Royale has an e-sports league, or whatever it is. (Seriously, it looked like a pro Starcraft tournament in Korea, but the dudes are in soundproof booths with headsets… on phones. Mind blowing.) So there’s proof of the potential for mobile games these days. I’d love to see this game do as well and be an active part in that. Breaks my heart to read about it dying and seeing all the angry posts about matchmaking etc.

My feedback is a complaint about the pricing of in-app purchases. Elite is the only thing worth buying for <$10 (IMO, the gems are too high). Note that I’ve dropped about $25 in less than a month.

I always hate to see $20, $50, or $100 options. It looks greedy to me. And they never scale reasonably. I also feel like it discourages players who are on the fence about investing. I’ll gladly put $3 in a game that can impress me quickly. IMO, the best options hit between $1 and $5. I like daily deals, where a buck a day gets worthwhile value, usually in the form of faster grinding, without being imba or overdoing the pay-to-win thing.

Hopefully I can get a dev response. I’m looking for more <$5 options in the store. Thanks!


@R4M3N1 hi! Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I’ll pass it along to the team. I think your point about servicing different price points is a good one. I’ll make sure to point this thread out to the team in charge of this.

Awesome! Thanks for the promptness!

You go R4M3N1 great first post.

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