Impossible to win weekend tournament


I dont think I can beat this in a day guys.


It ends in just under two days. With a reset of 6 hours it’s possible. Hopefully the third quest isn’t time consuming.

Edit: I paid closer attention to the picture. I don’t think it’s possible. Lmao. Sorry.


It’s okay, at least it gave me the option to spend 4000 gems to win right away. A bargain


Ouch! That’s definitely not supposed to happen. Can you please reach out to our support team with this and we’ll get you credited for the broken quest?


Just letting you guys know that support request through your zendesk page doesn’t work on ios safari or chrome on macos. I can plop my support ID here if you want.


If you go in-game to your account and then hit “contact us” it should open your mail client to send directly to our support team.


wow i mean negative huh

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