Important! VERY. Dangerous Bug⚠️

Bob zues promoted booger to officer a bug enacted causing booger to become lead and for bobzeus to be kicked booger refuses to return alliance.





@S7campusLifer this is hilarious but also really bad lmao

@S7campusLifer @S7NotABot @S7Swede @S7Dragon

Deaf ears.

Hi! Sounds rough. Can you please use the “contact us” button in the app to describe how one would reproduce this bug? As far as I know this is the first time I’ve heard this reported.

Not sure how to reproduce but it’s a shitshow out there - Booger is just being terrible and Zeus has gotten completely screwed over

@Bootylover & the Wunk; good luck on that! That’s some BS.

I thought this was a joke tongue twister at first. :rofl: Glad to see they reclaimed it back.

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Oh we’re good lol it was just some other alliance. And they got it back, lol was some drama

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