If y’all add coins and dust these packs will be a great deals

S7 if y’all just add say for your 19.99 pack 25 million coins and like 50k dust do you know how much money y’all will make just from that.or say y’all 49.99 pack say 75 million coins and like 120k dust omg y’all pockets will me rolling in doe.and I can’t even say for the 99 99 pack if y’all do it right the sky is the limit so plz add coins and dust to these packs.you will see a Huge Increase and Income.


i hope they will add :see_no_evil:

Cat :cat2: if they add coins and make there packs more valuable more people will buy them as of right now I’m sure no one pays for them and they have to see that and know that but they so dumb and blind to the fact they losing players losing money and going to lose there game if they don’t make some freakin changes.

That’s a good one. I don’t think they are smart enough to pour crap out of a boot with the directions on the heel. They have done a great job at destroying this game that’s for sure. Making a package deal with dust and coins would make to much sense so they will ignore that suggestion. Better yet do away with that stupid dust and put everything back the way it was.

I just read that crap from a boot joke in a really old strip of PvP online… funny I didn’t remember reading it many years ago when it was first printed but I read it in the last day or 2 and now you used it… weird coincidence.

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I am glade you like it. The Devs problem will never figure that one out.

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