IDEA - Future Events

I think since there are multiple leaderboards for each group created after an event ends all the static’s should be combined into a massive leaderboard for all to view, once it’s done calculating. Showing an overall rank and group rank. Then the top 100 scores broken into two definite grouping for upcoming competition. The pattern with every event is either same top players are mixed with the same unbalanced challenge.

This games overfeeding these whales for long enough . This would show who’s biggest.

Agree this could be better. Not a bad idea how to improve it.

For sure there’s some corner cases to think through (eg handling people who play event 1, but not subsequent event 2, vice versa, or someone who had beast level cards in one event and then bad cards in next one, or people who start sandbagging one event so they can win the next one.)

Yea the idea needs some work absolutely. Since each events active players could manipulate system. My only solution to the idea is base the top grouping by an average score of previous 5 -10 or more event scores to create an accurate list. This would place all the best average winners together so they can duke it out. I can basically predict the outcome soon as the event begins which discourages performance to all with unachievable goals based on unbalanced progress. If you know your gunna lose and aren’t playing to win or place higher because of the money factor it’s a huge handicap. My previous event i reach the 100 wins goal had a 4-5 hundred medal win lead in first Sunday morning. I hit a 5 medal win gain at that point even after a streak didn’t matter what I did no chance of catching up at this rate while I watch others score raise by 15-50 every 5 minutes. I was left in the dust sad thing was my group of 50 I only ever battled 1 of the player from my leaderboard . Also a 10 k power level difference between all the players from top to bottom doesn’t help. It needs serious work to avoid loss of interest from the players to play the game creating a future for Wild Beyond. Last thing I wanna see is everybody fed up and leaving soon as the next hot game comes out. Give more reason to stay here as, more ways to progress once you max out levels use for cards piling up. Need new goals for player growth.

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