I would really like to come back to the game

But I keep getting placed in completely unfair leagues, my third post asking for someone to do something or even acknowledge me got closed by S7NotABot and instead of replying to my concern, one from a paying customer that is sitting on $50 worth on in game currency with nothing to do with it because every single person in my league (in the prize winning positions) are either challengers or champions, with maxed out decks. Iโ€™ve stated before, and I know you can go into the back end of my account and check my stats, the highest league Iโ€™ve gotten to was diamond two and my highest commander is level 14, and I have two level 13s and the rest are lower.
Please do something to fix this because up until around two or three weeks ago things may not have been exactly fair but they were manageable.
Thanks in advance if S7MedicDrone responds to this, or if itโ€™s just closed again then Iโ€™ll officially file for a refund and delete my app


So I guess this is going to go Ignored still

@S7MedicDroneMD hi! Can you please check this post out when you get a chance? Trey has been ignored quite a few times on here. Heโ€™s just as skilled as anyone else in the game, and he of course deserves respect and responses to his concerns like everyone else. Youโ€™re the only one that has been respectful to him, and has taken him seriously.

Thanks in advance!!

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Still no luck lol thanks though

The game is becoming a 20 second game. Not given any thing to fight with and by the time I power up the game is over. Maybe that is a strategy thing or not but It is hard to play the game if by the time you can power up it is game over - Not much fun. I have put 150 dollars into this game which at this point was wasted.

Oh yeah, Iโ€™m about done with all this. Iโ€™m certainly not spending anymore money, especially after this stupid change to the amount of coins you get from chests

Damn Iโ€™m thinking about dropping the game and filing for a refund since their most recent updates too, most of us investing hundreds and thousands into the game already in such a short span.

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Bump. :man_playing_water_polo: โ€ฆ


Thanks for tagging me, our intention is definitely not to ignore players. Iโ€™ve personally had a pretty full week last week so I wasnโ€™t able to check the forums in the later half of the week.

Iโ€™ll also be honest. Iโ€™m not sure what the post is about. Is this about matchmaking?

Interesting how literally all three of you blatantly ignore me. Glad I was able to strike the fire in the other players hearts at least I guess

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