I think it’s extremely telling

That it took @PHNEWALLETKEYS many, many posts to get any kind of response from the devs regarding in-game issues, but the MOMENT someone posts about requesting refunds to show the devs we mean business, they show up, respond, and close the thread.

I haven’t spent nearly the money other have, but if things aren’t better with the next update, I’m going to assume they’ve abandoned any development of the game that doesn’t steer it toward a strictly PTW model, and I’ll be deleting it from my phone. This is just a horrendous showing of consumer respect.


With you on this. I’ll be requesting refunds if they don’t shy away from this cash grabbing model.

I still haven’t had any responses to the issues that were brought up on that thread lol.

I payed a lot of money and always defended the devteam but at this point im doing the same if they dont fix one of the big problems (que, ptw, etc) i will delete the game and contact apple for refunds cause in my eyes this is scamming

I feel like they only care about the metrics and the revenue. If they can’t analyze the numbers then it’s relatively pointless. As long as people seem to want to pay for things they will likely continue on this path.

Every person in my alliance save for like, 2, that we’re diamond at the end of last season have been unable to crack gold 4/5 this season with the same decks, same or better cards. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they continue to act as if nothing is broken for those who don’t want to spend thousands.

Be careful with what you say though. If you mention anything about that they’ll close this thread too and ban you from the forum. It’s the only thing that gets their attention

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I’m definitely on my way out the door. There is no real competition, and really no incentive to even play. Events are a complete chore for me. That tends to be one of the final nails.

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Maybe you all have shared suggestions elsewhere, but I’d be interested to read what would spice up competition for you @CrusaderKakow or what ideas you have @PHNEWALLETKEYS.

Thank you for your response. Please read Top alliances are close to walking for about 75 comments on what exactly we are irritated about.

Will do, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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I found Lyth’s post in that thread especially well put, and I think it tries to address many of the concerns raised:

I think these are great ideas. The core concern seems to be that the economy balance doesn’t feel great (especially cards and coins). This is a core concern we share, and one that several people on the team are trying very hard to improve.

There’s a fair amount of (understandable, though saddening) venting on that thread too. Though venting is probably perceived as less constructive, I totally understand where it’s coming from and can’t say it’s out of left field. We hear those vents too, and will try to win back your enthusiasm over time. We know many improvements need to happen, and we’ll do our best. Ideas like Lyth’s are things we can and do take to the drawing board. Following Lyth’s lead on presenting feedback will always be appreciate, but for those times you just need to vent, I’m sure we’ll get that (painful) message too. As always, thanks for the feedback!

But none of these are even remotely new ideas. So, assuming they are suddenly being looked at. Why now? Even the addition of alliance wars. They are supposed to be about which team is better but it’s only events, so who spends more in events is the actual competition. The words say A but then the action contradicts it.

As far as the hostile treatment, from a company standpoint unless the majority of the staff is new and different than Pocket Gems, I have a feeling that is going to continue as it always has. Maybe a few of the developers want a positive change but sadly the outcome almost always opposes that. Maybe this will be different.

S7Dave thank you for looking at the post and thanks for the discussion of my ideas. As Pandread said they aren’t new but they are a good summary of some of the most important issues. I would also point you to another post I made with a suggestion I think would help a ton but I have problems linking them.

The post was entitled something like suggestion for season 2. The basic suggestion was that the biggest spenders in the game have little reason to buy packages with lots of chests because they give cards which we don’t need very much of. For the Phoenix Forge chests I suggested having the cards In those chests being Season 1 cards which would give most of us a reason to buy the packages and hand you guys more money to support the game.

Fair point. Several of them we are working on right now (!) at various stages of development (e.g., making sure everyone is happy to get more cards [which plays into the value of chests … the inter-relatedness of some of these makes them all the more tricky!]). But they’re pretty challenging systems to design, balance, etc. We’ll get there though!

This is a recurring theme and one we’re urgently trying to fix. It’s hard, the game got a bit ahead of us. We’ll catch up!

It’s a bit too early to give out Season 1 cards, but they will make an appearance in the future when the time is right. Definitely a good idea!

Could alliance wars be medals versus EVENT medals?

Wars are short endeavors. Event medals are similarly scoped to short time periods. PvP medals are too long-term and static, and don’t as well showcase a team’s ability to regularly come together, build competitive decks and work together to overcome their opponent.

Hmm, but it’s not about coming together, it’s more about individually spending more to buy tickets…

Events are pretty much exclusively solo and spending driven is it not?

Team event medals are most strongly correlated with teams whose members play the most matches – even among the top few teams, having a few players who buy many tickets is much less valuable than having a coordinated team where every member is contributed significantly by playing regularly in the event. Of course having strong players helps too – but they can’t make up for a few teammates at the bottom who don’t contribute much at all.

As far as it being a solo effort, yes, battles are solo. But helping teammates figure out event deck strategies and rallying everyone to participate are also very important – and very team endeavors (though the latter is more of a leadership challenge that not everyone faces). I’m interested in exploring more ways to tie teamwork more heavily into war in the future!

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I mean I could be wrong, but I don’t really see that as how it works in a practical sense. Or maybe that’s just the team I’m on…the team hardly tells you do do the event. You do it based on your own desire. The team doesnt really tell you the best make up because it’s largely dependent on what cards you leveled. And as far as cost. You already spent to have leveled cards and then it’s based on ticket use. Overall it’s a team score but the way you get there is largely individual.

Plus, as far as I saw…there was no real team prize, other than the portrait.