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I mean it’s pretty clear at this point. I’m not sure what kind of contract they sign with Apple and how long after a game tanks they are allowed to collect money, but they know this game is going under so they are trying to suck the most money they can out of the addicts and gullible people (I am of the addict variety) and then run to the bank and retire in South America. This is why they are not responding and why they do not care. It’s like when someone is using you for money, sex, drugs etc. you show them you care and really love them are first, and then you withhold love and attention and it drives the other person crazy and willing to do what ever they can to get that love/affection back.

I mean, convince me I am wrong or tell me I should just become a private investigator.

Love and affection = coins

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They’re not responding to certain types of posts because those types can’t really be responded to with any decorum. Most of the responses we get are from devs regarding dev bugs being acknowledged and being fixed. The sorts of threads without a response are dealing with issues these devs likely have little to do with; they probably can’t offer a rationale for pricing, etc, and even if they agree with us, it would be inappropriate for them to come throw colleagues under the bus.

Granted, I’d like to see more “we are passing your feedback along” kinds of posts to these threads, but I can understand why technical dev team members would be reluctant to be drawn into some of our gripefests.


Thanks for the reply. I like having another perspective other than “the world is out to get me” all of the time.

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I don’t believe the Holysmokes, they have said repeatedly that they are a small team that while they have an economy person they are all involved and have been from the beginning. They all know what kind of damage has been done and since they have not responded to any of the many fix coins and fix packages posts with anything meaningful and more recently with anything at all, I have come to the conclusion they are ignoring us on these issues and trying to wait us out. It won’t work, they will kill the game.

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Perhaps you’re right. It’s impossible to infer much about the office dynamics from a handful of dev forum posts, though. Mostly, I was offering a counterpoint perspective. On the other hand, though, S7 is larger than the WB team, and it’s practically guaranteed that people divorced from the game implementation itself are setting certain requirements for revenue. In that case, benefit of the doubt would lead us to consider that the WB may just be ham-fistedly trying to achieve overly ambitious targets that are set to a timeline that is (unwisely) assuming an unreasonable adoption velocity.

Note to devs reading this and similar threads: when player forum posts start trending toward the meta like this, days are really numbered. This should be taken as a critical warning sign.

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