I played a nuke and it vanished

I did a 2v2, the replay is at 18:30:37 today and about 2 min in I played a nuke truck and it just vanished. It didn’t appear, it didn’t blow, I have no clue what happened to it. I think I’ve seen this before but this was the first time I really caught it where I absolutely have no idea what happened to the unit.

@Lyth Was the match the one you were playing with DOOP vs Kier & Pairadocs? (ref 60669)

Yes I think so

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Anything figured out about this?

No updates yet, sorry. We’re trying to figure out the bug before our next release though.

But you can confirm you saw it too, it wasn’t just something I didn’t notice killing my nuke?

Not yet, sorry. I can confirm I have the replay you mentioned, but the team hasn’t investigated this bug yet – but they’re burning down other bugs and getting closer to it.

@Lyth After investigation, it appears that the Nuke Truck is successfully dropped, and energy is successfully spent. However, the Nuke Truck is dropped exactly into the path of a Pancake. It appears for only a split second, before being immediately killed by the Pancake.

The Pancake is already so near death at this point, with other things shooting at it, that’s it’s hard to say whether the Nuke Truck’s explosion or something else did it in. The only other thing close enough to the Nuke Truck to be affected is a Vanguard. The Vanguard dies instantly, but it’s a single Vanguard and almost immediately afterwards Val and her turret are dropped, which makes it even harder to see that Nuke Truck did anything.

So in conclusion, the Nuke Truck was successfully dropped, but it was insta-killed by the Pancake which was already dying, so the only effect of the Nuke Truck was to kill a Vanguard, which I imagine was not very satisfying.

Thanks, I don’t think I saw the nuke animation at all

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