I must be blind but I can’t find where to


Change my forum portrait. I changed it in game, but it didn’t switch in the forums


So don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure the forum is currently only coded to register the “original” profile portraits (Meaning if you change to one of the newer ones like the Valentines Day portrait, it will not be displayed).

Portraits can be changed by clicking the Profile icon in the top left of the main screen, and then selecting the second option for Portraits on the left hand side.


Bummer. I wanted to use my event portrait in the forums


Yeah we would like to fix this as well - it’s on the list but as you can imagine it’s a bit lower down that some of the other fixes we’d like to make. But yeah we agree it’s a bummer, especially with some of the new portraits that are coming out soon… :slight_smile:

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