I’m really getting tired of this game

To the developers, @S7Dave and @S7CampusLifer.

If I weren’t invested in this game I would have left already. Let’s list the issues.

  1. The one that’s bothering me most now is the stupid award system for medals in PvP combine with putting in cheeseball mechanics like madness which combines crazy with warp and shields. At my level most fights award 5 medals. But now people can play a Giga Kuro team at low diamond with 3 madness each, 3 turrets each, warp, and shield and turtle behind their barricades and when you lose you lose 20-30 points. Even evenly matched I play a similarly ranked group to mine and win I get 5-7 and lose and lose 13-14. The math doesn’t work and it’s seriously making me want to scream, shout, throw things and then quit this game. And what response do we get… we are planning a big fix but it’s months away. That isn’t an acceptable answer any more. The game is dying and I don’t care if you tell me there is more activity numbers lie easily. Your long term players are quitting. The lifeblood of the game. And they are leaving bad ratings and telling people not to play.

  2. The economy. I know you need to limit coins but you are starving us and every change you make which even touches on the economy like mines, like events, etc. just makes it worse. You may be happy with it but once again the players aren’t. You own and run the game but we play it, without us it can be the biggest most awesome game that no one plays. Honestly if you made the game more player friendly instead of less perfect in your hypothetical minds it could have been one of the biggest games in the Apple store. Do you really think leaving the coins as they were and maybe getting rid of the doubler, or leaving purchased packages as they were would have destroyed the game. No the game would have done better and your player base wouldn’t be up in arms.

  3. The mines. You can say it was meant to be played as we leveled but even at top level people have trouble with the higher bosses which is directly tied to your strangling the economy of coin and the inability to improve combined with the limiting of commanders to ones we may not have improved yet and now can’t. Plus the stupidly large amount of gold needed for quests. By your own admission even if all 3 moons were open and maxed it would take roughly 20 hours per quest. And you put this in deliberately.

You have broken faith with your players over and over again. You can only kick a dog so many times before it bites.


I think part of what makes this hard is the division of opinions, your team seems pretty happy with and embraced a lot of the things so it’s probably a bit confusing what is an actual issue in a greater scheme versus a more isolated issue.

I agree with the points, but when the difference of opinions are so far apart it can probably be confusing?

Thank you for the feedback. I personally don’t like responding to “super threads with a long list of complaints” because each of these topics is already a super complicated discussion — mixing them all together in one thread is a mess.

Here’s an active thread with 50x replies:

  1. Madness is killing the game

Coins & gold mines are actively being discussed in the following threads with over 100x replies. I don’t want to rehash the discussion interspersed with talking about battle-balance of specific cards & matchmaking

  1. Boss blitz: we can be positive and constructive a bit too
  2. New Quest: Get 70000 gold from Mines
  3. My quest is to collect 70k gold
  4. Gold is crap
  5. Gold Mines

I wrote a long response to part of this in one of the other linked threads:


Yes I put it together because I’ve read all of the responses but none of them actually deal with fixing any of these things. They sometimes make vague promises of things to come but in the mean time we still have issues that keep getting worse. I put I. This response before going through the whole analysis you posted, thanks for that and please see the next post for some thoughts on it.

I’m not sure what you mean about my team seems to have embraced them. I can’t speak for my whole team but the ones I have discussed this with for the most part fall in the same general beliefs that I put in this thread.

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That was an awesome analysis and it helps to see it. Here is the issue as I see it from my point of view. The people at the top who I play against at frequent times have madness in their deck and use it as a normal card. I win or lose against them and that’s ok. But I frequently, as I see it, come across opponents way under my rank and playing double ascension with both equipped with 3 madness, 2-3 turrets, and warp, usually one of the commanders is Giga for the shields. They can be significantly under my and my partners average card level but they put up the turrets and use madness over and over to clear our cards out and play small stuff to get out barricade down and then warp in and shield till we are dead. That is bad enough because it’s a screwy strategy based on 1-2 cards BUT the bigger problem is because they are usually low diamond to my champ or challenger I lose a stupid number of medals when I lose and only win 5 or so if I do manage to get through that crazy set up.

That is what frustrates me and my colleagues about madness and what it’s done to the game. Good players aren’t using it in a manner that pisses us off, we grumble “oh if not for the madness we would have won” but we use it too just like that. It’s the cheap underpowered but effective teams that ruin our scores that piss us off. It’s that one of those losses means we need to play 6-8 victories against tough opponents to make it up.

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I’ve been running these numbers in my head and I have a few questions, the sheer number of battles seems high so the questions are:

  1. Does it include event fights
  2. If it does didn’t the last event use madness as a unit which would throw off the numbers
  3. Does it include boss fights because that’s the only way I can see to get numbers that high.

Now then event and boss fights are included can you just pull the data for 2v2 which is where my complaints spur from. If this data is not just 2v2 data it does not apply to answer my complaint or questions.

Idk tbh I’ve seen a drop in pure ascension teams in 2v2 combos, plus having that many madness has become a bit of a liability. Maybe madness is a bit strong given its cost, but it’s impact hasn’t definitely been diminished.

Pan the high end players aren’t doing double ascension it’s the mid players where I see it all the time.

So if they’re stuck in mid level, then it doesn’t work all the time? Or what am I missing?


@S7campusLifer nice analysis. What is the chance that you could add our win percentages to our profile page in game? It could reset every week or just keep running, like an odometer for battle stats. It can just be for us or you could put it out for anyone who’s looking to see. Either way, it would be really cool to see how we’re measuring up and would save you running numbers periodically for players to make a point. Personally, I’d love to see win stats on our profile page broken down by each of our Generals.




I’m going to give you a perfect example.

Go look at it.

I played 3 2v2 fights tonight. All teamed with Punisher a top player. First fight vs Quark and DeadlyVisitor diamond 2 and diamond 3… both played Ascension with madness and turrets. We won but way closer than it would have been without a madness turtle strategy. I won 4 medals. Second fight Curtalert and Haaleephuc diamond 4 and diamond 6 both playing ascension with madness and turrets. We won and I got 7 medals. Also down to the wire because of madness and turtle. Third fight same as second fight except we lost and I lost 24 medals. Every fight tonight was that stupid frustrating combination. I am tracking it and your stats are wrong. I think as I suggested above you counted boss fights and events which throw all your figures off by a ton. There is an old expression figures don’t lie but liars figure. I’m not saying you set out to lie but the stats are not right and that strategy is severely overpowered due 100% to madness watch the fights and what it did watch how I even tried to put cards out so they didn’t overlap which didn’t help. The reality is there for you to see.

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So if it’s such an easy but deadly combo, why don’t the top players/combos all use this? Or do they? I guess I don’t know.

now madness weaker than before, you can try use this card vs top player, i clearly see it is not overpowered any more

For me it is the repeating fights against same players.
This matchmaking feels like a box of bottles. You always get the same enemies - one bottle with you (I had like 10 matches against literally same people following each battle). My premade and I even consider joining their clan so we wont match anymore. It is not as much about winning/loosing but it just feels boring. This seems to happen as soon as we reach challenger rank.
Coming back to bottles: joining other clanmates or even random 2vs2 seems to result in other bottle (other players in it).
We know most of the top players and chatted with some. We didn‘t fight against some for ages even though they own 17 cards too.
Dev just said about matchmaking and winrate: maybe that‘s the reason but still this results for is on boring matches.
I even started to level another hero and have higher score than my main just to not play against same players over and over again.
This game needs more players in high unit area (15-17) - lower the grind of the game and put more end game possibilities.


Micha is totaly right. Its just boring always forcing hummern ,sietle, zeltazum and super.
Its rly frustrating to see them building up there decks against our combination and we building our deck against theres. I opend a threath some days befor but i didnt get an answer from the devs. In my opinion you cant say “matchmaking”.im just loosing the fun at playing this game and thats rly bad cause the potential of being a good and fun game is available

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By far the economy is the worse problem. And devs make it worse every update.

They replaced coins quest by…gold
They replaced diamond prizes from gauntlet by…gold
They built the mining based on…gold

Why do they have this fixation on gold? I don’t get it. It is useless. Nobody want it.



@Templar don’t forget that diamond prizes were stripped from Gauntlet, which now awards gold prizes instead.

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