I’m officially quit :(

I was one of Wild beyond lovers but after the update many things changed, the whole game is more harder than i can imagine like the specific legend requirement for upgrade commander, the dust and the ways to gain more cards. We need to scrap a cards for the dust instead of using to upgrade and it hard to find many many new cards to use as a material for the dust,only alliance daily request and some recruit is not enough lol.and for the specific legend requirement— where is my nuke truck? It should appear to be reward as i leveled up and it was before the update. Moreover i did support you, i bough 7 days of elite membership—where is my elite portrait?(i dont know if its about the update or not but just wanna complain) I know its not important thing but it said join the elite member to get that portrait so its must given to me. And finally the interesting of this game—we need something that can easily divide the class of players like its used to have (gold,silver,champion,blah blah.) trust me people keep playing just for that color tab around the portrait to dorminate other players in the game.and 2v2 for reward is so much better than only 1v1 THIS is the main point that i started to play this game—its completely perfect but…its all gone—-i dont have anything to say more , im done… GOOD BYE and thank you for made me happy with your game until now. :wink:



Another one bites the dust

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