I’m level 12 commander


What is going on!?? I’ve lost my gold ranking b/c I’m losing every freaking game to a low level player.

I’ve noticed an increase of low level commanders with high level cards. It’s probably one of a couple of things:

  • newish players are unlocking the commanders finally but don’t have enough coins to level them up, or would rather level up other cards instead (I’m going to unlock Val soon and I expect I’ll be in that boat)
  • less likely but not impossible is that this may be a strategy for gaming the matchmaking system. I’d hope not, but if it is i’d hope the devs would see it as a trend and figure out how to account for it in the new system they say is coming
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My guess is the latter, roughly speaking. Lots of challengers are playing their non-main factions, for one. I’ve also been losing to gold with low commanders and what appears to be full level 17 decks otherwise. It’s really frustrating.

Now that there are no quests, no reason to boss blitz, nothing but forever queue times in gauntlet, bad pvp matching, and absurdly ill-conceived events, I’m left to wonder why the hell I still keep playing this game. To say nothing of important cards I can’t level up, even if I found a way to get the coin with all the nerfs.


I don’t suppose you could show us your deck?

Most deck compositions have a strategic strength and weakness. For instance, a well constructed late-game Val deck will be strong against a lot of things, but weak against a “T1 Nash rush” because she doesn’t have enough time to build up forces to stop an early push. Such a deck could lose to a much lower level nash deck if the opponent knows how to construct & play it correctly.

@S7campusLifer … pretty sure you can see my battles and my decks. I’ve been changing them up so, no; showing you my decks wouldn’t help.

Because of everything you just mentioned, just like I warned the devs, top players are leaving the game entirely. You would think that as a business, they’d be worried about their customers being unhappy and jumping ship. But honestly it doesn’t seem to bother them.

The only reason I’m still playing is because I have put money into this game. And because of our alliance. I’m finding though that every time I get on I feel a rush of anxiety and spend a good chunk of my time being pissed off.

@S7campusLifer I just don’t understand why you guys don’t care about the hundreds of things we have all complained about. And most importantly, you’re not doing a damn thing to keep your established players.


Keys, you said it, I get on and half the time don’t even want to play because the game is frustrating me so much.


You gonna ignore these comments and questions?

That’s the easy way out.

Ways to piss off CUSTOMERS, by S7 employees.

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They definitely haven’t been active on the forums… I thought I was not as active

They post daily. They posted yesterday, in fact. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just another sign money speaks; not customer concerns/requests/issues/questions. :rage:

They go out of their way to ignore the comments like this.

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