I’m calling you out on your ELO algorithm

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You guys have repeatedly stated your algorithm raises and lowers the opponents it chooses in the event to try and get a 50-50 win loss ratio. Well I don’t believe you. I started the event playing 16 tickets and lost 13 of 16 and despite that my opponents were nearly all top event players almost exclusively from Royal Guard. While I was able to improve slightly this is definitely not my event my cards, despite upgrading some are all wrong for it or maybe I just can’t quite get the strategy but despite my abysmal win loss ratio I still get almost nothing but RG players. I just ran 3 event fights and lost 2, managed to squeak out one win. The whole event so far I’ve managed 13 wins. I think my losses are around 30, though that’s harder to track.

So look at my win loss, look at my opponents, I give you permission to discuss it here, and prove to me that your algorithm is working. Because at this point I need proof or you need to find the bug or loophole that is causing it not to work as intended because if it keeps going like this you will definitely have one less player. Another guild member quit the game yesterday and the event was the straw that broke his back.


Hi @Lyth. I understand your concern. Sorry I’m a little slammed with deadlines right now and I’m not going to be able to fulfill this request.

I saw your reply on the other post I started at the beginning of this event. I appreciate that you at least recognize it doesn’t work. It doesn’t help that it is essentially ruining my game experience and many other players game experience and that the statement was this core feature of the game will take many months to fix.

I appreciate deadlines, heck I am on vacation and still had to do work stuff for deadlines. So I will accept your acknowledgement on the other post that it doesn’t work. I will ask how are you going to address the fact that this core part of the game the part of the game that is the basis of getting new units is broken and won’t be fixed for months.


Not gonna lie, it felt good finally to beat you, @Lyth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart: I’ll be clinging to that as I nurse my pvp wounds in future.

Not to mention the fact that I literally played against Pandread over five times in approximately two hours today so I’m calling bull as well. Either no one ever plays in the events or someone has some explaining as to why I have played him at least 10 times within less than 24 hours… and he isn’t the only person I played numerous times, but he’s the most obvious since he has been playing nonstop. We are 100% being paired against the same people over and over again. It’s a waste of diamonds/money because it’s repetitive and lame.

It hurts that you think I’m repetitive and lame…

All kidding aside I still think it’s an issue with the competitive bands. There probably aren’t actually that many people within a brackets activity playing?

Not that it’s their job…but does anyone have a solution then?


I believe its all breaks down into how big the player base is.
Porting the game to Android would increase the player base very significantly and I believe a lot of those problems would be solved.

Android is way more popular than Apple, especially in the gaming community im not sure what the Devs were thinking really.

iOS users tend to be more willing to pay for apps, and will generally pay more.

Also…not sure how much of it has gone into this as well. Android is generally significantly easier to modify the app. So if you released it tomorrow…the amount of cheating would probably rise significantly as well

Even if it was working as intended I’m not sure why anyone would want a system that try’s to force you into a 50/50 win loss. If I’m a good player it’s frustrating to know I’m better than my opponent but losing to a 5 level disadvantage. If I’m a bad player I have no incentive to actually put in effort to get better.

I can safely say constantly playing with my level 11 units and commander against level 15s in events is the number one reason I’ve been shopping around for a new game

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We are planning a pretty drastic revamp of our matchmaking system. It’s a difficult project and won’t be available for a few months, but it’s in the plans.

We are very excited about android (many of us on the R&D teams own android phones). We already have a build which runs on an high-end android device, but there’s still a lot of work to do to get it working on the many different devices & resolutions — and yes, do things like audit our security layer.


Hi @S7campusLifer,

I am glad to have found such a post and sad I didn t read it earlier. Whatever the outcome of matches, it is pretty annoying to see RG and HOD facing each others continuously in events. That is just boring… On top of it, it seems that the matchmaking is waiting to match these players, which is total non sense…

It would be interesting to hear if other alliances face each others the most.

Please once again, totally change your ranking system and make a single global one. You told once that you are having small ranking leaderboards to spare server cost. Sorry, server is not what should be killing your budget. Please make global leaderboard and have people facing opponents where they stay in that leaderboard.

Also it would be interesting to share a roadmap. It would help people to get a better feeling on what to come next. S7 is putting certainly a lot of efforts. Looking at all changes you are regularly doing, it is hard to argue that. However it seems you are sometimes not having enough « player » experience, leading to need of further loops.

Proposal could be:

  1. issue a rough 10pts priorities roadmap
  2. each month you pick 3 of them to bring to vote for players
  3. wk1-2 of the month you develop and release, wk3 you collect feedback, wk4 you adjust

Not looking to learn you how to do your job that you have certainly much clues on. Just wanted to share ideas, which could get players less into a blind tunnel and closer to you, making them more patient and engage.

The matchmaking won’t match you against teammates, but is otherwise oblivious to what alliance you are in. The prevalence of matches you see against a specific team seems related to a high concentration of similarly skilled players on that team.

I don’t remember the bit about server costs being an issue, but I don’t believe that’s the case … but I’m not sure I totally understand your suggestion either. Are you suggesting having one event rank leaderboard for every player in the game?

I’ll discuss with the team and see if there’s something we could share down the line. Some we’ve shared in response to specific feedback (mines, matchmaking, card duplicates, etc.) piecemeal around the forums.

The simple fix in the interim imo to consider would simply be to limit the level advantage to two levels ie lvl 13 good player on a streak vs lvl 15 on a losing streak. It still within the realm of what’s happening currently but at least it’s not impossible to win like when it’s lvl 11 vs lvl 15

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You know, the fact that deck power has seemingly no influence on matchmaking is kinda shocking. That’s a huge oversight.

Deck power plays some role as a level 16 player with maxed cards is going to win some events simply by brute force. The biggest problem is that the system is ELO based but the deck is random. Scouts do very little at the end of a match. Same with vals drones. So deck draw plays so much into the victory.

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