I like the new update. Game overall has improved

  • Some bugs to be fixed (chest crashing etc)
  • the ranking has to be implemented again. Without ranking incentive to win and improve decreases.
  • 2v2 also has to be improved.
  • maybe get back gauntlet with prizes

BUT OVERALL update was positive with some interesting features and MORE IMPORTANT: Devs addressed the two main problems: MATCHMAKING AND ECONOMY (lots of coins and diamonds now).


New update is terrible!!! Please put back 2vs2 with league system! No point of playing 2vs2 anymore! Upgrading troops now require a scrap system and required dust! That is nonsense! Nothing was broke only uneven matches! I speak for all players! We need our game back the way it was or this app will be nothing without players!


I fear you are in a minority here, Templar. Most people (especially avid players of 2v2) are quite disappointed with the new update. I personally feel that the arena system didn’t need to exist at all. The algorithm for matchmaking should have been based less on rank, and more on overall deck power level. That’s really all that needed to happen. But this radical overhaul has left many players, myself included, lacking much motivation to play the game anymore. I really hope this is remedied by the next season update.


It’s also annoying that all the donations that are already filled still show up.

Anyway, I think you’re one of a handful of people who do like the update. On the bright side, I have never seen global chat so active because no one is playing. That has been pretty cool. It feels like a Yahoo chat room back in the day.


If they just used deck power and then over all wins - overall losses to determine ranking it would have been better possibly with a single point added if you beat a deck with significantly higher power and a single extra point subtracted when you got beaten by a deck of significantly lower power.

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I’m still getting used to it but I agree with the sentiment of the original post - there are small things that I feel are odd that might need some smoothing out but I think overall it is positive. I will admit I wasn’t an avid 2v2 player though, which I think is the source of the largest complaints now. (I’d say I largely play the 1v1 and 2v2 as something to pass time between event tickets refreshing!).

My biggest issue I think is trying to get a feel for the new economy, which still feels a bit too sluggish so far, and that pretty much every one of my recruit chest draws has been a common when I know in the old chest system I would have had at least a few higher tier cards get drawn.

But I don’t at all miss the feeling that the game was punishing me with a diamond-player smack down for 5 matches just because I dared to win 2 in a row before.

You still get that in the events. Any kind of run and all of a sudden it’s a chain of lvl 17s

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