I like matchmaking. I hate scrap

Matchmaking, in my opinion, has never been more fair. I am really enjoying the changes to the economy. Scrap is a terrible feature and should be scrapped. We also NEED a way to see how good a player is for recruiting. Desperately.

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How can you enjoy the changes to the economy when scrap which you say you don’t like is the biggest piece of it?

Thanks for the notes. I wrote a series of responses on the topic of scrap and why it was added. Here’s what I wrote earlier tonight:

Thanks for the notes. Can you please clarify what this means? I’m not sure I follow.

@S7campusLifer I think what he means is that your prior league (silver/gold/crystal) was used as a metric for determining how developed a player was for recruiting purposes. Now with no signifiers, portrait or otherwise, it’s impossible to determine if a particular player is a good fit for an existing Alliance, i.e. a “Silver” league player would not be a good fit for Synergy or Royal Guard.

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Thanks for the clarification Klokwerk. We intend to add support for filtering applications in the future based on level or stars (since league is no longer present in the game). I apologize for the likely deluge of applications you and other top teams will probably receive in the meantime.

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Exactly what I meant, @S7Dave

See S7Dave here is my issue…

You guys told us we are going to do a huge update to the game to fix matchmaking and it will take months, somewhere I seem to recall December being stated once. Well it didn’t take nearly that long and you rolled it out unfinished as far as I am concerned. Why didn’t you take some more time and add 2v2 and ranking etc etc etc? Why roll it out half finished? Why do things you know 100% is just going to upset your player base?

Here is another question there were 10 days left in the season which this messed up a ton. Even if you didn’t want to wait till the whole thing was finished why not wait till season end then put it in then give use some time to get used to it and you to fix bugs before starting the next season. This was bad planning at its worst.

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