I hope the devs realize

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You haven’t seen a mass exodus yet but I hope you know there are a lot of players waiting till the season ends before leaving. That was the deadline they gave themselves for you to restore 2v2. We haven’t heard any more on this so I think come the end of the current event you are going to see a big drop off in players. I could be wrong and some people may just be talking but a whole lot of players are already playing other games and just coming here for events. That’s going to likely end soon.


Hi Lyth.

Thanks for the note. I know your plaintive messages come from a place of love for the game.

We went into v2.50 knowing we were making large changes and a lot of people might not like them. We decided that it was a necessary risk to take. We’ll be monitoring how things go and decide what to do.

Realistically even if we started RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE building the things people are demanding on this forum, there’s no way in the world we could meet the various demands within the next month, let alone by the time season 3 ends (a few days.)

You brought what is to come on yourselves. You ignored our warnings. You ignored our pleadings. You feel you know what players want more than the players themselves, what I say is indeed for love of the game that you have destroyed. It is for what I am going to lose that you did in the name of fixing things without listening to your players when you did it.


It’s completely broken. This update was horrible. I went from leading a fairly active group that was consistently ranked in the top 100…to now bottom of the pile…I’ve got 8 players left in my alliance…no one is playing… I spent tons of time building my decks, leveling up my cards, maxed out at level 75, achieved diamond level for what? Now there is no diamond, gold or challenger … no point to any of it … I hate the game now. I was logging in about 2 or 3 times a day. Now I check in once and try to play a few battles but it’s pathetic. Hate the whole dust thing. Hate the missing 2v2s. Hate the push for allied raids. Hate the lack of earning chests. Hate not having the status of diamond, gold, etc. Has there been a mass exodus of players? Can I request a refund for my lifetime elite status? I never imagined the game could go from being what it was to sucking so hard with one thoughtless update. Next time maybe consult with active players to beta test updates or run things by top active players before massive changes…if there’s any players left to consult with. :flushed::roll_eyes::pensive:


Yea… Royal Guard has a handful that have announced this very thing…


The worst part is we warned them it would happen, we could see how it would affect things and they didn’t care one bit. Their hypothetical benefits outweighed the good of the game. And I don’t care how much they try and justify if or how much they claim things are better now, as a player and a guild member in what was an incredibly active guild they aren’t.


I think it’s been a lot of really significant and seemingly risky changes with different segments of the player base targeted. Just worried none of it really resonates with the player base

Just wondering is S7 still monitoring or is there a roadmap now in place?

I’m disbanding my alliance and quitting the game. Sucks to leave because I really did enjoy it but this update…:roll_eyes: my alliance now has 3 members…all officers are gone and no one playing…I waited to see if any changes would come but I don’t see it getting any better. Good luck all — peace. :v:t2:

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By the time your monitoring is concluded you will not have much in the way of players

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S7 needs to start paying royalties to Queen…

another one bites the dust… another ones bites the dust hey hey hey…


Like others have stated, if you guys would’ve listened to your players, none of this would’ve happened. Why can’t you just bring back the old game? Stop trying to monitor, stop trying to implement new things, the update sucks.

I’m one of the players that will be leaving. I thought it would happen a lot sooner for me, but I chose to stick around and use up my diamonds on events before bouncing. The events are the only viable feature left in the game.

  1. Return 2v2 to the way it was
  2. Do away with the ridiculous arenas
  3. Bring back our ranks (gold, diamond, challenger, champion)
  4. Give us the ability to refresh rewards in multiplayer again.

I really don’t understand why this is so hard. Just give us our game back and you guys will still have a job. The way things are currently, I actually hope the game dies. I hope no one spends money, and activity all but stops. This is the only acceptable fate for a game that has so drastically changed despite what the customers said.

The claim is that the number one complaint before the update was matchmaking. I’m willing to bet the backlash and drop in activity currently is more drastic now.

FYI: Claiming activity is up because people are talking on global and alliance chat is ridiculous. I can’t believe that was actually put in writing by you @S7campusLifer

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