I don’t think the Roxie Generator issue has been fixed


I’ve read your 228 update notes, but in 2v2 games sometimes Roxie’s Generator charges fast and sometimes just normal speed. Could you please take a look into it?


We can check it out. Out of curiosity, are your Rogue decks also running Hazard Miners? We want to make sure to rule out any other energy income mechanics (like the center power plants, etc.) to get a clearer read on what’s going on. If you happen to have a video of the energy inconsistency happening, that would be very helpful as well.


Yes, my deck consists of 2 Hazard Miners.
I’ll see if I can get a recording, but for now I have none, sorry.


Is Rogue the correct name? Sorry I’m running the Chinese version so I may communicate with the right terms.


Rogue is correct. We have people working on the Roxie Generator mechanic right now because the ideal way that we want for them to function in 2v2 is to grant only the player who uses the Generator the bonus energy (for greater impact) instead of splitting it. If this fix makes it into the next update, you’ll see it in the release notes.


It would be fine with me, but I really liked the idea that Roxie may not be strong on herself but she is a great supporter to help her team win through providing resources (energy). In real-life military the most important role is always resource provision, but few games incorporates this concept into them. You are the first one I know who does that and that is why I like your game! If you’d keep Roxie’s supporting function it’ll be great. If not, it’s your game after all, I’m cool.

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