I cannot express how sad this is

Scrap, why? I’ve WORKED, and even SPENT, to earn these cards, taken the slow route to balance my decks, in no way do I want to scrap a gd one of em. Of the 3 or so maxed out units I have, I am getting mixed messages. Some have a ‘plus’ to scrap, others don’t, and frankly, I am a bit terrified to experiment and lose a valuable unit, and have little to no faith that s7 devs will resolve any issues I experience, with all the rest of this dumpster fire they created going on, in any meaningful timeframe. If I was a super maxxed out champ or what have u, I would be excited to convert useless copies into another currency…but even then, that’s what…maybe 10~20% of your players? I fully realize this is just a game, but the friendships and acquaintances I’ve made here are real, and the effect this is having on your player base is REAL. I have patiently watched and waited through this past series of updates and modifications, frankly a little excited that a few (more than a few) beast players took their toys and went home in a huff…but this damage I’m afraid cannot be undone, and won’t be forgotten OR taken lightly by those old timers who DO decide to stay. This is no longer the game I became intrigued with, and has become a devolving shit show that inspires ZERO confidence that it will become one again anytime soon. No threats here, it’s pretty apparent how well that’s works, but it definitely seems time to roll credits and saunter off into the sunset w the handful of amazing people I have met here.


Hi @bRadPitt

Thanks for the notes. I wrote a series of responses on the topic of scrap and why it was added. Here’s what I wrote earlier tonight:

@S7campusLifer you had a similar response on my post entitled “When will they listen” and then you closed it. Seems a little personal at this point… good to know that the money I’ve spent to pay your salary is going to good use


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