I can’t upgrade anything

I’m feeling no sense of progression here. I can’t get better. And soon new seasonal cards will drop and I’ll have to focus on leveling those up and everything costs so damn much. Whether it’s coin or dust or cards to specific levels(like with commander upgrade) how is any average player supposed to grow their decks? I used to upgrade a card once or twice each event to keep myself competitive. Now I just feel stuck. Stuck does not equal fun. And no fun means no revenue. Come on guys. At least max the levels to like 100 and lower the coin cost so we can feel like we are making progress.


Oh no, don’t suggest adding more levels. That opens the door to them stealing cards, increasing costs, adding currencies, lying about it, and then telling us what they’ve done is better :scream:

…for the, uh I’ve lost count, manyith time.


Yeah don’t suggest them about more level lol it will even worse than this

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