I can’t buy Typhoon-related items

I have sufficient Seasons Tokens, but when I click the purchase button nothing happens. Why is that?

Same. Been trying to buy a chest for the whole day.

Hi! Sadly we have a bug. My understanding is that it will correctly charge you the “sale price” but only allow you to buy it if you have the “non sale price” amount of tokens in your inventory. We will be fixing this as quickly as we can.

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When will that be? Honestly.

Hi. We have already fixed the bug in our code but we are unable to release it immediately because it requires and app update. Unfortunately app updates are at the whim of when apple’s app review team decides to approve. I can’t give a reliable ETA. I’ve seen them accept updates in under an hour, I’ve also seen them take weeks.

Are we using Apple as an excuse? Honestly

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