I am officially quitting

This game has become boring in every way.

The end of season was just plain and simple stupid. Everyone had been given at least 30k of free diamonds before this event after 2.5 ruined the game. I scored damn near 22k points and became burnt out while competing against players who just wouldn’t stop buying due to the devalue and freely given out diamonds.

The whole purpose and excuse to the change was to get off of Elo, however S7Dave explained that ELO for arenas is still in full effect.

It will take 2 years without buying diamonds to get a full 17 deck as silver is capped which makes it impossible to level up your main deck let alone off decks for events.

Again I will restate, this game is a pure we want your money game and the new updates only further prove it. Lastly, the lvl 17 arena only grants 20 to less than 20 stars a match (when you log out you still randomly lose them).

All and all, the only time I will log on is to help alliance events and even that may die off. If this game doesn’t change in my limited time to help my alliance I am just uninstalling it due to all player free progression has been halted. Adios and hello to Second Galaxy

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Don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store. Reviews, criticisms, feedback help the developer improve their product… or not

Let me re-phrase:

Don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store: Reviews, criticisms, feedback help some gamers determine whether they should install the game or not.


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Another one bites the dust.

Enjoy your life! Btw like a lots of grinding games, it requires patience and it can’t be expected that a player could compete with another player, who started 6 months before. So that doesn’t mean game is bad due to that…

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How patient you want people to be when ur being ripped off to the max of being ripped off

Lol pk checks all the boxes of the very few ppl who weren’t screwed post I made somewhere so he’s pretty happy about the state of the game. Unfortunately since he wasn’t completely screwed and is happy he’s unable to understand why others aren’t happy and defaults to they must be dumb and he must be smart :joy:

I didn’t even see pk responded to me. I just replied to him, lol

Lol, let’s let people who see this decide who the bad one is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4AHifknp-Ew . It’s funny too because I just spanked you.

I think that’s a very narrow view and doesn’t really take the entire landscape of the game into account

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