I am confused by event brackets

You should decrease bracket size back down to 50 or less. The playerbase isn’t large enough to support 75 player brackets … or did you increase the size again because there are 80 in my bracket?

I have 63k deck power for this event in a bracket that has people with 85k deck power. 25% isn’t insignificant and borderline unreasonable.

What really prompted this post though is I noticed there are several people in my bracket with low 20k deck power. That’s absolutely asinine and there’s really no possible excuse or justification for that.

I’m also confused by your strategy for events. On one hand you increased brackets sizes and have required units which look like moves to “motivate” people to buy more upgrades and on the other hand you’re flooding the economy with diamonds letting people play ridiculous numbers of event battles for little to no money. Very counterintuitive.

This is all probably irrelevant since you’ve been clear that event arenas are the future as you push this game further away from strategy and towards the holy ground of a game solely for electronic pixel collectors.

TLDR s7 your brackets are too large. There are 85k deck power people in the same bracket as 22k deck power. You should be ashamed.


Agreed, if they generate league brackets, with increased rewards most difficult league you are on. Otherwise, as current system is, someone with a 10k strength deck scoring 20k points can win an event and get same price as someone with an 100k deck scoring 100k points. Btw events brakets never worked as devs claimed it too unfortunatelly…

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This event I’m sitting at 60k deck power. Have some nearly 90k deck power players in the bracket.

Oh, and some 20k deck power players. Yeah if I was that 21k deck power player stuck in this bracket I’d probably delete your game rather than spend money like you’d like. Ludicrous.

Anyone want to wager that when they revamp events they hide deck power in brackets so people won’t have a visual clue that they don’t have any hope in the event?

Yeah you’re in the minority with your views that the arena system is good. If they are based on what your wrote above I can understand your viewpoint but you’re very confused.

The multiplier of the 10k player is much much smaller than that of a 100k player, they’d actually be receiving something like 1/5th the awards not the same awards…

The issue is probably more a playerbase size issue. The bracket system with 75 players probably wouldn’t be as bad if the game had double the population. The fact that there is such deck power disparity in the brackets illustrates that there aren’t enough players to fill brackets correctly.

If they changed bracket size to something like 30 players I’m sure it would go a long way to solving this issue. They won’t do that however, they’ll likely do something dumb that’s disliked by the vast majority of the current active playerbase.


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